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Medical Marijuana in Mass Qualification ADD/ADHD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by alcapwn44, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. I have had fairly severe ADHD/ADD since I've been fairly young. My father has been struggling with it for almost all of his life as well, and has been growing terribly dependant on the stimulants such as adderall used to treat symptoms of ADHD. I have been trying medicine since I have been in the 1st grade, and they would make me anxious, nauseas, edgy, and depressed. I am now attending a prestigious engineering school in MASS and I need to do something about my ADHD as it is really starting to affect my ability to complete assignments and school work. My family has a history of addiction, as well as depression and anxiety, which is why I would not be a good match for stimulants to treat my symptoms. Is there any chance I might be qualified for an mmj card in MASS?

  2. I' can relate iam Add/add and Didnt like the medicine they put me on made me feel sad after the come down of amphetimines

    "im Not Sure about your. Mmj card but you can get one for other symptoms too if you tell them then you can use it for all of your Medical needs!

    "If I were you stick to greens for Healing of add/to slow down your thoughts and keep you calm that's what I do it helps alot!!!

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  3. I use it in the same way often, I over think EVERYTHING so it helps with slowing down for sure. I live in MA but I see this as being one of the last classes of uses accepted as a qualification in the future unless they kick the doors down sooner on the whole regulations. 

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