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  1. Hello all. I am almost certainly going to be getting my medical marijuana card in CT. (My condition was just added to the list.) I have an appt in 2 weeks. If I am approved, I know I will receive a card, probably in a few weeks or months. My question is when I'm approved, can I go to a dispensary that day or do I have to wait until I get the physical card? Like do they put me in the system and give me a temporary card and/or paperwork until the physical card arrives? If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. Also if you live in CT and got your card I would love to hear your experiences with the quality and how it all works. Thanks buds :weed:
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  2. I live in CT. My buddy just got approved for a card. He didn't get a temporary card but was told it'll take up to a month. (SW CT area)

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  3. Thanks for the info bro
  4. No problem. Let me know how that goes.

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  5. I know this is in CT, but in Vegas, you get a dr. Recommendation that works until your card comes in. It took about 3 months from the first appointment to get my card.

    Call the place that you have your appointment with and see what they say about it. Post back for others.
  6. My mother in Connecticut also just got approved for a card. Will update when she gets it and stuff.

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    subbed im located in CT as well , Report back

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  8. Alrighty so I went to the doc the other day and he approved me for my MMJ card! :yay:

    He went through everything like how you can't get fired from a job (as long as you don't go in uti) or get evicted because of this. He said I could get up to 2.5 oz.

    Now for the important part. He said to me that once I did the next part, process of registering and submitting all info, I would get an email acting as a temporary until the card arrived! I was really surprised by that. Can't remember if he said it's a temp card or some other type of documentation. He said it could take up to a week for the email. I will update as this goes along.
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  9. Word. My boy got his last week. Went to a dispensary in one of the Hartford's and was declined because he didnt make an appointment. He went back a few days ago and go a 8th of Sapphire Star, Indigo kush, some purple bud and dabs. Im sure its crumble. Please update

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  10. Any updates on how long this took? Submitted my final application last week, trying to be patient waiting for that email.

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  11. Sorry for the late reply guys. It took me almost 2 weeks to get my temporary card. The permanent card didn't take too long to come after the temp. The dispensary is the shit. The names of the weed are different then their street names. Though the person I talked to said they know the street names of them too if thats what you went by. They have oils, wax, medibles, and flowers (bud). I absolutely love their butterscotch oatmeal cookies. They also have accessories too like vape pens, pipes, bongs (though I'd say waterpipe there, just my opinion) The dispensary I go to you can place an order online (called canna-fill, they get it ready really quick, almost immediately) and when you go there you just go through the little waiting area and your stuff is waiting for you. For me the first time was so bizarre in the best way. Being able to pick what bud I want (they even have sales), how much (I used to go through dry spells getting it from my guy, and all the medibles is unreal. Each product tells you if it's an indica or sativa, the amount of THC and some other info. The people there are real nice too and are familiar with everything so they can tell you which are best for pain, sleep, energy, etc.

    I always hated when I had money and couldn't find weed. I will NEVER EVER have a dry spell again. Lol. For those of you waiting on a card I am excited for you to check out the dispensary and make your first legal purchase. It is quite an experience.

    Any questions about anything leave a post and I will (try) to get back to you asap. I've got to go medicate. :smoking-bong:
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  12. Thanks for updating, the physicians now are telling us patients we will have our temp card within 3 days after submitting the application. Based on your experience it seems it's the actual 10-14 business days as stated on the states website.
    Pumped up to be able to experience what you did on your first visit.

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  13. Thanks for posting this! I submitted my application to the state today. Did the temp email come from your Dr or from the state of CT?
  14. My mom is a medical patient in CT.
    Ask me anything and I will relay.

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  15. Some concentrates from advance grow labs ...left to right: South African skunk cherry cream pie and blue dream


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  16. It's been 3 weeks today and still waiting for my temp card.. i sent an email to the sate as stated on the email when you send the application with my full name and DOB but they haven't replied back. can anyone tell me if this is normal please??!!
  17. It's been about the same for me: I was certified by my doctor and sent in all the info and paid online via the website the same day and got conformation of the completed app and certification that day, 12/16/2016. It's now January 9 and I haven't heard anything back, sent the email with my DOB and haven't gotten a response from that either. Anyone else apply around the same time and gotten any response yet?
  18. Finally got my temporary certificate!!!
    I applied on 12/12/16 and got the temp certificate on 01/04/17. It took 3 weeks because of the holidays. On 01/14 they were working with applications completed on 12/12 so you should be getting yours anytime this week! Hope you get it anytime soon!!
  19. I need some help or advice on how to go about getting a card when you haven't been diagnosed with one of the approved conditions. I'm pretty sure i actually do have PTSD, but i never go to doctors and i don't like the idea of taking any other kind of medication. I just recently started smoking again and its really helped with my insomnia and anxiety. I guess i just have to go to a doctor or therapist and ask them about it? are there any doctors who are understanding and would recommend me for MMJ? or do i just have to hope they diagnose me with PTSD? Any thoughts? Thanks a lot..
  20. You can make an appointment with Dr. David Bonanno and he will give you a letter stating your PTSD diagnosis. Bring the letter to one of the CT registering doctors and you will be approved.
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