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Medical Marijuana in Cali is dead

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by briangumble, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Didn't know which forum to post this in since there's like 80 of them. Anyways one of the dispensaries that I've been going to for years just recently closed down and another one that just opened a month ago down the street from me closed down today. Obama didn't keep his word and the feds are shutting down all the dispensaries. It pisses me off how we're moving backwards instead of forward.
  2. :( that's fucked
  3. Been awhile since anything in the U.S. moved forward.:cool:

  4. /thread
  5. The government won't allow it to happen no matter what.
  6. which one? im hoping mybclinics are still off studying oita state and would lovebto come back to see my favorite people wotj thier dank oils and flowers
  7. 3 new dispensaries have opened up in my area in the last three months and I havent seen any of the current ones close.

  8. There are still 3 within a block from my house that haven't closed. Their efforts to close the dispensaries is futile.
  9. I just do not get how everyone on this site somehow believes that marijuana will ever be allowed to be permanently legalized medicinal or otherwise. Think about it law enforcement agencies make billions fighting it, pharmaceutical corporations make billions supplying medicines that would not be needed if it was legal, banking corporations make billions laundering drug profits, private prison corporations make billions incarcerating people generally users and low level dealers selling to support there own habit.

    Yet people in this country continue to believe they have a chance in hell of permanent legalization, medicinally or otherwise....It will never happen, it will continue to be voted in by the people and then rolled back by the government....wake up and feel the institutionalized corruption that is the United States of America....I think its time to change it from "we the people" to "we the corporations". It may sound good to a local or state government that they can legalize it and make millions off the taxes, but to the real powers in this country, major corporations, law enforcement unions, federal agencies why take a chance on profit in the future when there making there's now...
  10. There used to be 8 pages dedicated to MMJ in the weekly edition of San Diego's "Reader".

    Deals, free gifts, and info on just about anything MMJ.

    Now it's next to nothing. :devious:

  11. Just because marijuana is legalized doesn't mean everyone will be smoking pot... legal or not, nothing changes, the only difference is the customer not needing to make transactions through the underground economy.

    It will not affect pharmaceuticals at all... if anything they can even start incorporating the ganja into a new form of medicine. As I said before, just because it will be legal doesn't mean everyone and their moms are gonna wake up and be like "OMG I NEVER WANTED TO TRY MARIJUANA BUT BECAUSE IT'S LEGAL I GUESS I SHOULD BE A POTHEAD DERP."

    Get real man... and affect law enforcement? Yeah.. it'll cut down on their needless expenses and it'll stop their time being wasted on chasing down pot dealers.
  12. Debbie downer. Here, have a joint man :smoke: or a bong? :bongin:

    Give up and accept defeat like a loser, or fight like hell going down.

    We aren't going to accept defeat, change has happened in the past man, it's not that hard to believe it will happen again. Look it up, there is a couple of instances in human history where dramatic changes occured. Maybe 2 or 3 times though. :p:p:p

    Also, rewind the tapes 40 years, who the fuck was smoking weed in the streets of Cali. Now you can walk into a store, a legitimate business, with real currency, and you can walk out with marijuana, past the local cop, and go home and legally smoke it.

    I am pretty sure the answer is no one.

    Change has already occurred. You can give up now if you want, the community REFUSES though.
  13. you know it could just be your city thats regulating them, if they dont apply for their business licenses and abide by the laws of the state then of course they are gonna get shut down. Also they cant be near schools and shit like that so that may be a factor.
  14. At least you have dispensaries..
  15. Obama... And the govt. are all fckheads who need to smoke weed...!
  16. Until the real inhibitors are taken away i.e. super pacs which make corporations and unions far more important to any elected official than average Joe Blows by allowing them to participate and take over the democratic process and A press that holds politicians accountable when they run on one platform yet act on another when elected or a system that puts enforcement officers on a pedestal for the mere act of doing there job, yet says very little when those same heroes do not adhere to the same laws they enforce.

    until those things are done it will be a very long hard back and forth battle..but hey im down never said I wasn't, Im just disappointed that once again we get smoke blown up our asses by a politician.

  17. Dude it is a known fact that Obama and the DOJ are closing any dispensary they can, for anything they can think of...
  18. OP: have you ever looked into delivery services? I live in a county in CA where permanent dispensaries are forbidden (yeah, it's bullsh!t), but there are at least a dozen delivery services around the county that drop off at home, work, a rancid motel room, etc. Might be worth looking into if the dispensaries around you are being targeted.

  19. I was just gonna say.... in my town we have a limit on the amount of "store" dispensaries.... yet no limit on delivery? So since that happened there's like 6 new delivery services... no joke. And some of them sell solvent hash(which is illegal in Cali, have no idea how they get away with it)
  20. This is the dawning of The Age of Aquarius.....
    things will soon change for the better.

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