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Medical Marijuana for Back Problems

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Smoke_The_Herb, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Could someone receive medical marijuana for back (spinal) problems? :confused:

    Previous medical attention = Chiropractor for several years but still continuous back pain.

    If I was to move to a state that allows medical marijuana, would I be able to receive marijuana medically ?
  2. that is the EXACT reason i have my card. just ask your chiropractor for some records of the sessions you've had. maybe even request a written "in plain english" paper documenting the type of pain/problem you have with your spine. :)
  3. Thanks for the GOOD news !

    Do all states allow for medical marijuana for back pain ? Or just your state ?
  4. Just get any sort of medical record documenting your problem and you're a "shoo in" in California. Other states vary as to what they will accept.

    And you might want to send all your "old" doctors a nice parting gift- "Granny Storm Crow's list". Use the bottom "innocent" link- don't want to be low their minds too much! :eek: GC can be a bit much for fragile minds. lol The list alone is enough to "expand their horizons" a tad!

    Granny :wave:
  5. I've got a back problem, it's congenital, so there isn't shit I can do about it. Painkilers don't help. how do you ask for and mmj card/recommendation?
  6. In California, you would get a copy of your medical records and hit NORML's list of friendly doctors. But you guys are going from "Day One", so there is no list of "friendly" doctors! That will come in time, though.

    Guess you guys are going to have to do it the hard way :( - one doctor at a time! Here's how you start. You click the link in my sig and find your medical problem, (or as close as I've gotten to it) and print up anything that looks good. Start educating your doctor. If you are scared of his/her reaction, send the list, or just studies from it, anonymously! ;)

    If all your doctor has heard is what the government spews out, and what they learned about MMJ in med school (almost zero), of course they will be against it! It is up to US to educate our doctors about cannabis- just like the Canadian MMJ patients have! A recent study said most of what Canadian docs know about cannabis came from their patients! Your doctors are just now having to deal with the concept of legal MMJ, but you can "talk them through it". WE are the experts here! EDUCATE your doctor using "Granny's list"!

    Here is another link that might be helpful to you.

    Granny :wave:
  7. Thanks for your help, Granny Storm Crow. It kinda sucks that we are starting from scratch. Maybe I will send the info in to my local doctors. The post in your sig is already in my favorites.
  8. It's still better to get your recommendation from a doctor who already specializes in Medical Marijuana, because there are technicalities that a non-MMJ recommending doctor won't be aware of - such as the legal limits of what you can possess and grow, where to obtain your MMJ, and the length and verifying of your recommendation (this last one is key).

    You want to get a doctor who will be able to verify your recommendation easily over the phone or internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You also want one who is willing to go to court over your rec if necessary. Most mainstrream doctors aren't willing to do this.

    While it's great that you want your local docs to be aware of the health benefits of MMJ, you should get your rec from someone who is more familiar with the MMJ process.
  9. hey iv'e wondered for some time if I'm eligible for mj card i have had knee pain, hip pain and tooth pain when i am sober and I'm also have manic depression in the family for me i lose incentive in just about every aspect of my life. for example my grades went from 90's(smoking) to 70's(sober)

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