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Medical Marijuana Experience?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pipedown, Jan 8, 2003.


Do you use Medical Marijuana?

  1. Yes, and my Doctor Recommended it.

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  2. Yes, but I had to ask my doctor for it.

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  3. Yes, but I have not asked my doctor about it yet

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  4. No, I smoke recreationally only

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  1. I'm planning on asking my doctor for Medical Marijuana during my next visit in about 2 weeks. I feel I have a good case (especially in CA) because I have Chron's desease. While it is not fatal, it does cause cramps that lead to a disinterest in food of any type due to the associated pain. Weed restores my appitite and I have a long experience with it.

    I wanted to ask about other poeples experiences bringing up the subject with the doctor. Will I have to talk him into it or will he accept my assessment easily. I know you cannot say for my case but you can tell me how it went with yourself.

    Other aspects of proposition 215 are not clear to me as well. I know it is not a "perscription" but just a reccomendation from the doctor but what do I get to proove my eligibility to the cops should they ask? I have seen an actual picture ID from Marin county but I live in Santa Clara and the rules are not clear.

    Perhaps I will answer my own post in a couple of weeks.
  2. dont be scared to talk with your doctor ... just ask about it like u would anything else ... its illegal for him to give any information to the police... so dont worry...

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