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Medical Marijuana Edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by www.Four20.TV, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So lately I have been buying more of the edibles from my local dispensary, prefer the chocolate candy bars..if you have trouble sleeping they work awesome & get you pretty lit.

    Anybody else use edibles for any medical / recreational reasons,if so,what kind? Think its stronger then smoking?
  2. yo i just ate some of those chocholate candy bars waiting for them to kick in. its been like one and i half hours and im jsut starting to feel it
  3. i LOVE the chocolate bars at my collective, they have chocolate, choclate w/ raspberry, and chocolate and pecan soo goooood
  4. My collective always runs out *tear*. The guy told me the female members love them, so they're always coming in and buying like 20 at a time. I'm a fairly new patient too, so I haven't tried any yet. They carry candy bars, truffles, rice crispy treats, brownies, and cookies. I might be missing something. I can't wait to try some!
  5. I need to move to cali...
  6. I wish I had a med card for my anxiety and depression but unfortunatly I live in a dumb state.

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