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Medical marijuana does NOT cure cancer

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by oscurochu, Jul 31, 2013.

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    I made some very vague statements, which have only elaborated my opinion at a minimal level. I don't have to prove knowledge, everybody here should be smart enough to decipher half of the bullshit I have written.
    Anybody who can't take anything they are told with a grain of salt need to just dig a hole and fall in there, because doing what everybody else tells you to do could land you there anyways.
    Get rid of your ego and stop bashing me. lol =)
    Okay, now that's over with. So what are your thoughts on the article? Maybe I'll share my opinion a little more openly if we can get a good discussion going on, instead of a bunch of people who already know it all?
    I should actually accept and except bashing, now that I think about it... I'm the one who opened up everyone else into believing i'm some kind of idiot. =P

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    I am 100% believer that cannabis should be legalized for recreational and medicinal use.
    I believe that cannabis can be very useful in treating cancer patients going through chemotherapy and radiation.
    I have also believed for a very long time that weed is a natural cure for many things, including cancer.
    I have also believed that living a healthy lifestyle by staying efficiently hydrated, had a well balanced diet, and do substantial ammounts of exercise that cancer shouldn't be a high risk at all, and that most problems will fix themselves.
    Recently I have learned about fasting, and now believe that fasting can be used to aid cancer treatment, and potentially cure cancer, and many other diseases. I don't have sources proving this readily available, nor am i representing it as a fact, so don't start trolling me just because you want to prove your ego to me. lol
    My biggest believe: There is more than one answer to most questions; the cure to cancer doesn't necessarily only have one cure.
    Now let's talk about the article, I suppose. I am a firm believer that modern science will never catch up with itself, and that all modern knowledge is already obsolete. The article first caught my attention with it's headline "cancer isn't cancer at all.." My first thoughts were, "Oh, of course it isn't..." Researchers are always realizing how they are wrong and coming up with new theories, and becoming more "advanced." If you've ever taken any classes in school that talk about theories, you can probably relate to this. Very few theories hold for a very long time, for example, many of Einstein's theorie's. I wanted to know what they were trying to say about cancer this time...
    When I was done reading the article, I wanted to think of the craziest and most logical interpretation of it that would escape modern knowledge and beliefs... us americans know how to screw everything up... so when weed is legalized, new research will yield negative results. Don't ever be arrogant, think outside the box a little.
  3. Like the article said there are deadly kinds of cancer and not so serious ones, probably cannabis helps (I known it doesn't completely cures its) but there's has been many cases where it has reduced cancer tumors

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  4. um....... tommy chong?
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    I did read the article.  I just don't see how it relates to how marijuana "does not cure cancer."  I wasn't flaming you, whatever that means lol.  I was really wondering how you came to that conclusion.  Is that a personal belief?
  6. I don't think anyone believes Marijuana cures cancer, besides some tinfoil hat guys. And let's face it, they probably believe banana milkshakes cure them, too. Chemotherapy and radiation suck, yeah, but they're kind of what we're stuck with until newer, more radical, hopefully futuristic and unbelievable treatments come along, unless we all want to try the Andy Kaufman method.
  7. Nobody thinks it always cures cancer, but many of us know that sometimes it does. :smoke:
  8. There is a monumental difference between linking shrinking tumors and actually curing cancer. I'm not saying I'm against medical marijuana: I'm all for it, and I think it's great. But it isn't a miracle cure, or even one of the biggest innovations in cancer treatments of the last 30 or so years. What it's perfect for, however, is easing symptoms of end-stage cancer, AIDS, and the effects of chemotherapy on patients of both.
  9. 6 Tumors completely disappeared, the last one is only a shadow now.
    The onocologist was so excited that he ran to another onocologist, brought him into the room, declared as he showed the scan, "This woman should have been in the ground 6 months ago".
    She hadn't been receiving chemo for quite a while and was basically sent home to die, until the husband took action.
    Form your own conclusion. :smoke:
  10. I've seen first hand that it does so i'll stick with that.. lol thanks tho
    ...that maybe lack of treatment (chemo and radiation) allows the disease to cure itself, rather than "i quit chemo, and started smoking weed; now im cancer free because of the weed," statement a bit invalid. Did the weed cure the cancer, or did it cure itself? Maybe it just wasn't cancer at all, so all these stories of people smoking weed and their cancer going away could be coincidence... i can only speculate. none of us our researchers so anything anyone says on this forum is purely opinion and speculation based on one owns thoughts. the "cause and effect" model is too simplified to say that "because of THIS, THIS happened, and there is no other explanation."
    im sorry that i have such a difficult time elaborating my own ideas and opinions in a way that is relatable to everyone else... i was just trying to start a discussion. lol
  12. This guy did, @[member="Storm Crow"]
  13. I will: that's the appeal of anecdotal evidence, everyone can, and will form their own conclusions, usually with little or no science to be found. The best that can be said of Marijuana by any actual, practicing, sane medical Doctor who specializes in cancer and is that it is either an interesting subject for further research after a few surprising, but not exactly mindblowing lab tests that showed some shrinkage of tumors in mice, or that it is an excellent aid to symptom relief.
    Correlation, causation, coincidences, freak occurences, flukes, anecdotal evidence, and the ridiculous amount of variance in the already massively diverse multitude of cancers basically means that unless someone is going to put forward a testable, scientific hypothesis, "Marijuana Cures Cancer" will continue to be viewed skeptically.
    But for the record I think it's awesome that lady's tumors shrank, and if I was the husband, I'd probably be making a crack-pot out of myself, too. Really wish more cases turned out that way.
  14. Actually, it does cure cancer.
  15. Please elaborate as to what the big innovations in cancer treatment of the last 30 or so years are exactly.
    When you get your own diagnosis(current cancer rate for men 2.1 in 1, women 2.3 in 1) remember to remain steadfast in your pledge to only ease your symptoms end-stage or when undergoing chemo.
  16. Arm chair "scientists" reading papers written by laymen oversimplifying something that takes a decade of formal education to begin to understand.
    Cancer, is kind of an umbrella term.  There are so many causes, and types of cancer that there is no single thing that will ever "cure" cancer.  I believe that mj should just be legal for everyone to use.  I believe that thc and cannabinoids can have medical benefits including easing symptoms of and affecting the angiogenesis pathways of cancer.  
    Honestly cancer is a natural phenomenon and the real reason why it is a problem in modern society is that we live so long.  Cancer wasn't a problem when people's lifespan was 40-50 years.  As your cells divide the DNA is replicated.  The machinery that replicates it needs to bind to the strand of DNA and travel along it, when it gets to the end, it comes off (but it can't replicate the very end because that's where it was bound to).  So the DNA shortens and shortens as you age causing issues with health.  Also random mutations happen all the time and as you age those mutations just mount up and the chance that it effects something related to cellular growth rate or tumor suppression increases.
    Cancer can also be caused by a virus that inserts it's dna into yours, it can disrupt the genes that code for things we have to proofread our copied dna (aka tumor supressor genes).  Cancer can be caused by hereditary factors, environmental factors, pathogens, simple bad luck (mutation in DNA during synthesis) etc.  Copying all the nucleotides in our chromosomes properly every single time over 80 years...you're bound to have some errors.
    There are many ways to treat cancer, but to say cannabis is a cure for it is to insinuate that anyone with any type of cancer can sit home and take bong rips and chill out.  I think it can be part of an effective cancer treatment but cancer should be treated with multiple therapies.  
    And just because someone who has cancer and uses pot and their cancer goes away, does not mean that pot cured the cancer.  Just like, just cause someone smokes pot and then gets cancer does not mean that it was the pot that cause it.  Anecdotal evidence really is not the same as a statistically significant study.  There are lots of stories of cancer just going away and people attribute it to all sorts of things.
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    Oh I don't know....maybe like everything on this list
    Gene therapy, vaccines, angiogenesis inhibitors (of which cannabinoids are being studied as they relate to VEGF pathway).  Stem cell therapies, lasers, targeted radiation/medications,  and I'm sure many other things that I haven't heard of.
    Our government and universities, hospitals and medical infrastructure spend billions of dollars and man hours studying this stuff.  A lot of these guys are really really REALLY smart.  They aren't just twiddling their thumbs wasting 12 years of education while some hippy stoner has the cureall in his pocket.
    I'm a molecular biologist, you have no idea how difficult it is to study something like cancer which effects so many of your body's systems until you actually try to study it.
    Here's a link to a pdf showcasing some of the classical pathways of cancer.....these are also a very oversimplified representation so you guys can see what scientists are up against.
  18. All of those breakthroughs are either being studied,are brutally expensive and therefore not available to most or are pure theory.
    Try again.
    And the "hippy stoner" line is a cheap shot.
    I will throw my lot in with cannabis oil.
  19. Oil extracted from the cannabis plant high in CBD 1 and CBD 2 will infact make cancer cells commit suicide. I've seen it work in person. I've seen people digest oil over 60 days go in for a check up and be told their cancer isn't progressing and actually is regressing in most people. The reason why Bayer or big medicine won't back these cases and profoundly denies them is cause they'd rather sell you medication that is likely to kill you. Then tell you a cure-all plant is and has been inhabiting our marvelous planet for 60 million years. Nuff said.
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    It is a medicine, not a cure...(that we know of)
    I was diagnosed with a blood disorder called Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP or Moschcowitz syndrome) Went through a crap load of plasma transfusions and chemo. after I began the transfusions my legs went into severe pain. The pot helped with the pain in my legs. At least I can walk with a cane now where before I was wheelchair bound. Docs called it serum sickness. Helps with anxiety and stress on my part at least and even though I'm throwing up constantly, the munchies help me get some nutrition.
    Why does the public believe the media anyway. They only report what's in their best interest. Remember that news organizations are businesses, not non-profits. They can skew the details to match their target markets. Right wing - left wing - etc. Stop believing everything you read/hear from these people and make your own choices. If it helps you, do it. If it doesn't do it anyway. "You know they can't put anything on the internet that's not real"

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