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medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PeggyLee420, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. This is a subject that's hard to get a straight answer to:  Where do the medical dispensaries get their weed?  All the private growers can grow is for 4 patients. They can't grow for dispensaries.  So, where do they legally get their product?

  2. Your average person in oregon with a med card can grow 6 mature and 18 seedling/clones. And up to 24 in 1 household total if you are a caregiver or more peope with cards live in said house. With 24 plants you can produce a lot of weed if grown right which means stuff to sell to dispensary's or friends. there Is a growers lisence and dispensary's can grow a certain amount as well to supply to its customers.
  3. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, which may be why you're not getting the answer you want. I'm going to take your post sentence by sentence and answer you that way. Please feel free to reform your questions or ask follow ups.
    They get it from private growers.
    They do not grow for dispensaries, they grow for patients. Dispensaries are not retail outlets, which is why they are called dispensaries and not weed stores. The whole medical marijuana industry in OR basically operates as a co-op. 
    Dictionary definition for Dispensary:<span> a charitable or public facility where medicines are furnished and free or inexpensive medical advice is available. </span>
    Private growers.
  4. ...or the weed faerie.
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    I know there are people growing large amounts of indoor plants, which they say is legal, but won't explain how they figure this.    They say they can grow as much as they like.  My boyfriend is a grower and he can only grow 24 maximum. Are these people illegal or do they know something I don't know?   We would like to start a dispensary and the rules are really vague when it comes to this.  Patients can only have one grower, right?  So do they give their grower cards to the dispensaries and not a private grower?  So dispensaries could have a lot of grower cards and 6 plants growing for each one?  Or is this one of those grey areas?  I see dispensaries buying pounds at a time.  So no one keeps track of how many they grow?  Or how much pot they have in their dispensary?
    Where are you and your boyfriend from, and how long have you been in OR?
    I don't know your friends or these people saying things, so don't even think I'm trying to defend them because I'm not. I'm also not really interested in taking any kind of sides here. I'm also not trying to explain how they operate or what they're doing, etc. I'm not interested in that.
    All legal growers are required to post the authorization for each medical patient at their growsite so that the state regulators can count patients vs. plants. If you are doing a farming co-op, a single site may have a lot of different growers. So if you walk into a warehouse and there are hundreds of plants there, it's likely set up as x amount of growers for y amount of plants all sharing the same site. That is really common.  Maybe Bob owns the warehouse and tends to the 13,400 plants there for the 2234 growers who are registered to grow. It would look like Bob is the grower of all 13400 plants but he's not. This is how farm cooperatives legally work.
    A patient isn't required to list their grower when they apply. It's very possible that a patient doesn't know who the grower is going to be or what dispensary they are going to use. So when they go to Dispensary A, Dispensary A adds that patient to their list for the grower.  If a patient visits 4 dispensaries unfortunately the math gets messed up because now there can be 4 different growers thinking they're growing for that patient. You can have all these different growers thinking they're growing for the same patient, and none of the growers are doing anything wrong, it's the patient who keeps messing things up by using different growers.
    Patients are multiplying themselves by going around to different places. So let's say for the sake of math that OR has 1000 patients and they each go to four different dispensaries, there will be enough grown for 4000 patients. All of those chemicals, space and weed gone to waste because patients can't keep their shit straight. It's not the grower's fault, they don't know this is what's happening, they go by what the dispensary tells them.
    So the growers have way too much medical marijuana on hand and dispensaries don't need it all. What happens to that weed? It gets sold on the black market and that's why top shelf weed in PDX is cheap and a buyer's market. This is why its every where. You can try to think in terms of gray areas but the truth is that since weed was decriminalized in OR over a decade ago, nobody cares. I mean, no laws were passed to allow dispensaries. Things were done after the fact, but the first dispensaries were people just doing it on their own with 'cannabis clubs' a few years ago. After a couple got raided and shut down, the state was like why do we give a happy fuck? and made them legit. The state actually did it to protect the then black market dispensaries from local law enforcement and so they could continue to not prosecute weed crimes. They also did it so the state didn't have to create this huge department that went around inspecting thousands of grow sites around the state to look at 24 plants at a time.
    When was the last time you saw a news story about a medical marijuana grower being busted for any reason? Or a dispensary for that matter? Hell, last week some people blew up a camper in their driveway trying to make BHO and not a fuck was given by the police. Unless you are extremely stupid, the state of OR has no interest in prosecuting you for marijuana if you are an adult who is over 21. It's been like that for years here.
    Sorry all that's so long, it's kind of a complicated, multifaceted thing going on there. Are you in PDX? Feel free to send me a private message.
  7. I live in Salem and Mark lives in Tigard.  We have both been in Oregon for 20 or more years.  We wanted to start a MMD in Salem, but by the time we got our asses in gear, it was too late.  All the spots are gone.  The few buildings that fit all the rules are owned by people who would rather die than rent to a dispensary.   So we went to Woodburn.  I emailed City Hall in Woodburn and asked if they were going to try to extend their moratorium past May 1.  They said no so I found their rules and regulations and got more and more pissed off as I read them..  Good God, they want you to be 500 feet from a LIBRARY!  Who wrote this shit?  Oh yeah, our legislators.  After going to city hall twice to look at zoning maps, the clerk told me he would make it easy on me and tell me there was only one spot in town that fit all the rules.  It was the intersection of Progress Way and Industrial Ave.    There is only one building on the intersection that could be used as a dispensary, but SURPRISE! they won't rent to marijuana stores.  So Woodburn has effectively banned dispensaries in their entire town, even though 57% of the people voted to have them. 
    Next, I check the county, who originally said they would have no damn pot stores at all in the county.  Now, I hear they have exception permits.  Don't know how much they cost, but it sounds like legal bribery to me.
    Thank you for taking the time to educate me on some things.  I will probably contact you again, if you don't mind.
    Peggy Lee
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    Yikes, yeah that sounds like a pain in the ass! I think this far into it, if you don't see dispensaries in a given area it's because there can't be one there for some reason. I'm wondering if it might be better for you to disregard the idea of a dispensary at this point and just start preparing to register a rec store in January? You still have to find a place but I think if you get out of that area maybe you'd have a better go of it?
  9. I work in a dispensary in Oregon for over two years. Every Thursday and Saturday is "vendor" day and Growers come in and show us what they've got!

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  10. Hey.  Not sure how to private message you, is this it?  Ok, the recreational stores will not be opening in January.  That is when the OLCC has to begin accepting applications.  I've heard anything from next July to January 2017.  We need a place to distribute our product.  I was planning on turning it into recreational eventually.  Also, the rules will be as bad or worse than medicinal.  Therefore, there will be not one place left to open a recreational in Salem.  It's all a fucking mess.  They should have decriminalized it.  Idiots.
    Nope, that just quotes what I wrote. I'll go ahead and send you a private message that you can reply to. As I was reading this message I saw on the news that a new law addition to the law is going to be voted on to allow existing dispensaries to sell rec to everyone on July 1.

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