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Medical Marijuana Cream? for Chronic Pain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Yonny, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. I'am going to talk to a doctor at a dispensary today and was wondering(I have heard about this but not entirely sure) if they can make a some sort of mmj cream that can be apllied to the skin in the specific area to help releive pain? Anyone have any knowledge on this?
  2. Yes - most dispensaries sell creams. It's relatively easy to make, too. I use it for swelling and rashes, and it works great. I get better results for swelling from topical mmj cream than I do with diuretics.
  3. Ok is their any specific kind I should askf or for a specific type of pain or should I ask what type of plant would be best suited for my specific type of pain and then ask them to turn that into a cream.
  4. I definitely would abuse that. I'd put that shit on like suntan lotion. It definitely exists, look in the bible. holy anointing oil anyone?
  5. I can't remember the name, but the same person vends to all the dispensaries here. They usually carry a salve or lotion, and it's your preference. I had great results with an oil that was in a roller bottle.

    If you want to make it, I like to make lotions and salves with olive oil and beeswax. It's great for your skin and easy to do. Here's a recipe if you're interested:

    AAMC: Arthritis Balm Recipe
  6. Thanks for that arthritis balm recipe, might make some for my mom's arthritis :D
  7. It really does help. I've had a ton of family and friends comment on how I look like I've lost a lot of weight. Really, I haven't, but I'm not swollen anymore. I couldn't wear my wedding ring because my ring size would go up a couple sizes during the day. If I rub on the cream first, I can actually wear my ring. No more swollen feet from walking around, either. I've had great experiences using it on small cuts and rashes, too. It also gets used as lip balm.

    If you need help with the lotion, I can answer questions. It's pretty easy to do. I like to go to the farmer's market and buy local beeswax instead of using craft store wax. I heat the ingredients, and then put them into my stand mixer. I whip the mix with the whisk attachment until it's cooled enough to touch. It gives it a lighter texture, where if I just poured it into a container it would be more like a salve.
  8. Here's what's coming up in my July list-

    Methods of Use- Topical ointments

    Glysabis (forum thread- 2007) Glysabis, :woohoo: Great Topical Rub!! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    WR's Cannabalm (forum thread - 2008)
    WR's Cannabalm (anti-cancer)

    Making HAO~Holy Annointing Oil~From Healing Hemp Oil~for Pain & Healing (forum thread - 2009)
    Making HAO~Holy Annointing Oil~From Healing Hemp Oil~for Pain & Healing - GreenPassion.org - Dedicated to Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Education

    I find making your own is more satisfying and you KNOW what is in it!

    If you like to see what else I've got in my "sneak peek" of July's list, go to -


    I'm not really releasing this informal update- I just got worried about all the new studies I had just added. My computer is old and it could die. I didn't want to risk losing 100 pages of new links! :eek: So I posted it up where I'm an admin. Problem solved!

    July's list should be HUGE! :D

    Granny :wave:
  9. I found a salve in Denver by Apothecanna, which really worked for me.
    The salesperson said it's completely natural and organic (unfortunately, the ingredients aren't on the label) and THC activated. It helped my eczema and my mom's arthritis a lot. I'd love to make some myself, but I don't really have the time, so this worked fine for me.
  10. Granny - you are so right that it's nice to know what is actually in the balm. The brand up here in dispensaries is constantly revamping their formula, so you may or may not like what you actually get each time. I like the KISS philosophy - keep it simple.

    Most dispensary brands don't actually list dosage, even in edibles. It's actually very easy to figure out, and I've schooled a few employees on just how easy it is. (Measure oil, measure trim, divide by servings. Voila!)

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