Medical Marijuana Coming to PA Within 2014?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by wizzleman123, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. I was made aware of the possibility of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania back in early January. Although, all hope was lost when governor Tom Corbett said that he would only be for it if the FDA were to conduct studies and deem it safe for medicinal use (obviously a BS copout), and until then he would veto any marijuana bill that touches his desk. Fast forward a month and it seems now that there is a very good chance of PA legalizing cannabis for medicinal use. Governor Tom Corbett is running for re-election and is way past-due on improving his overall reputation. Democratic Candidate John Hanger is running on a campaign to reform marijuana laws, and has a set plan of what he wants to do, which can hopefully persuade Corbett to do the same. Senator Daylin Leach and Senator Mike Folmer co-sponsor the bipartisan Senate Bill 1182, and Leach has said, "Medical marijuana will be legal in Pennsylvania this year." I for one did not see this coming at all, you can read more about this here:hello:  :smoke:

  2. It will be a great discovery that marijuana is useful for as a medicinal herb and a strict report should be made with this as it can be used for illegal purposes.
  3. It really could do wonders for our state. I mean if you live in PA you know what the roads are like. Maybe we can put some of the profit into fixing them up a little bit
  4. It'd be nice but PA will probably be the last state. Not very progressive....I mean gay marriage was legalized like 2 weeks ago lol.
  5. well it is no new discovery and only will be new to the people that believe the gov when they say it has no medicinal value, only the gov has a patent on cannabis as the a neuroprotector. go figure

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