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    Hello i am 21 years old and doing college and working while living with my parents. Right now me and some friends are considering making a Marijuana delivery service through various applications/sites such as weed-maps. But my parents are extremely against weed and could not know anything about this. Is there any way to get a caregivers license and start a business while still living with them for a little over a year? Currently living in Arizona.
    Also i will not be able to get anything in the mail my dad is the only one with a mail key and won't even leave it with my mom if he goes somewhere and he goes through it all, I have a friend who would be willing to have anything shipped to his place.
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  2. Wait till you move out before trying any of this.. your parents will find out & probably won't be happy with u... + There's a good chance you'll smell of weed which will then lead to your parents questioning you ect ect
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