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Medical Marijuana Card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by allend10289, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. I've heard that some places that subscribe marijuana cards aren't legit and actually link you to the police or federals, is this true? should i get a medical card or should i not. im paying 150 dollars U.S. and the place im going to is called MMEC in Norco.

    iv'e actually found this statement on

    The following licensed California physicians are available for consultation as medical cannabis specialists. Patients should have a documented medical record of diagnosis and treatment or a physician referral.
    CAUTION: Some commercial clinics have been issuing recommendations through physician's assistants rather than directly through M.D.s. The legality of this procedure has been challenged by law enforcement. If your recommendation has not been issued by a licensed M.D. in person, it may not hold up in court. Patients are advised to check and make sure they are seeing a real M.D., not just an assistant.
    Patients should be aware that the state medical board has investigated a number of Prop. 215 physicians on account of complaints by law enforcement that they are overly lax in issuing recommendations. Patients should not assume that a single casual recommendation will automatically guarantee them immunity from potential criminal charges. It is important that you establish a record of regular professional care for your illness. "
  2. how did you like it mmec norco? i ask because im waiting on my appointment there. i have really bad back and neck pain. are there any dispensary's in the area?
  3. I never heard of this. Its new to me. I cant wait for ny to get them

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