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medical marijuana card

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JLTNL, May 16, 2012.

  1. what kind of symptoms are doctors looking for to give you a card
  2. Do you actually need it...?

    Sounds like you are planning to fake symptoms.

  3. Way more info needed. Like what state?
  4. #5 JLTNL, May 16, 2012
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    well nah i would expect the doctor to actually test if you have those symptoms, so i wouldnt fake it

    i was just wondering.
  5. well its not in Tennessee thats for sure.

    is it different in different states though?
  6. Absolutely it's different in different states.
  7. How so?

    like do you know the differences between cali and colorado?
  8. In some states there's an official list of what it can be used for and in others, like California, it's whatever a doctor recommends it for.

  9. Does it matter why he want's to know? over half the people on here smoke weed in states that are illegal, so whats wrong with trying to do it legally.
  10. Lets just say i got a cannibus card on my 18th birthday. The docs arent really worried about what you say aslong as THEY dont get in trouble. I say a different symptom everytime i renew it. Jus go with something and stick with it. Its a freaking joke. They took my pic, made me pay and gave me the actual card before i ever saw the doctor

  11. I was just wondering. But faking an illness/injury to be able to smoke legally seems like too much work to do when he already is smoking.

  12. After spending a few minutes in a top end collective such as Harborside or after having it delivered to your door, you won't think that. It by far beats having to go out and "score a bag of weed".
  13. Worst case scenerio. You goto buy some weed from the local thugs on the corner and the police roll up. He happens to have a card and your are the one goin to jail and your not the drug dealer. Also legally i can walk into a police station with a half of pound and not have to worry aboug any kind of arresting
  14. Did you goto the harborside in oakland or san jose
  15. also even if i had a card, i dont live in a state where they sell medical marijuana but if i had a card and i was smoking could i still get in trouble?

  16. I've been to both and by far prefer Oakland. I also happen to live much closer to the Oakland one. Technically, they're separate operations sharing the same name though.

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