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medical marijuana Card while on Probation??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by movement, Jul 30, 2009.

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    im currently on probation for possession of a firearm in a vehicle, so it has nothing to do w/ any type of drugs.

    i called a few medical marijuana doctors today and 7 out of 8 would not consult because i was on probation.

    i finally found one in venice beach that would issue me a card The MediTHC Clinic - Home

    their price is $120 for 1 year, is that pretty fair?

    do u guys know anywhere else that will issue to guys on probation for cheaper in southern california?

    i was searching through the threads i found http://www.cannarec.com/ for $65 new patient.
    is it for the full year? they're closed when i called them
  2. Honestly, I'm surprised that even ONE gave you the option of getting your recommendation.
  3. and why is that?

    what does my probation which doesn't restrict me in any way except for firearms have to do with a medical recommendation?
  4. $120 is an average price to get a recommendation for a year. That's weird that probation even plays a factor in getting a recommendation. I don't understand how a person's health has anything to do with whether or not they have a criminal background.
    California NORML

    I wouldn't even tell the doctors. They don't need to know. It has nothing to do with your ailment. If you can benefit from medical marijuana then go and just talk about your ailment. I've been to a couple of different docs and not once has any doc asked me about criminal records.
  5. i drove from OC to LA today and 420 Evaluation Center Inc would have me sign a waiver stating that I was not on criminal probation. i'm assuming they wouldn't have the resources to run criminal background checks on each patient considering they hand out these licenses within 1/2 an hour, but still i'd prefer to not lie on any forms.
  6. I had a friend on probation that got his card.....then again I know he went to one of those dirty doctors in Venice.
  7. Ya best not to lie. Crazy though I've never seen or heard of that before. It's messed up but I guess they do it so that MMJ opponents can't accuse doctors of giving "criminals" a "legal way to get high". Good luck:smoking:

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