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Medical Marijuana Card in the state of California, Is it on your permanent record?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by lhweaver, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I was wondering will having a medical card be on my record? or a record that jobs or anyone else could potentially see? and especially for when i'm applying for jobs etc? I really want a medical card but i'm hesistant on getting one because I've heard jobs such as Law, (Which i plan to do, go to law school) or any job in general can see that you have a Medical card and it may prevent you from getting a job. And i've also heard the complete opposite, so i'm wondering what is the truth? If i get a medical card will it be on my permanent record or no? i would really hate for it to prevent me from achieving my dreams.

    I've heard that only YOU and the doctor you got your card at has the record, and NOBODY else knows or can find out unless you tell them, is this true?

    Thanks all,
  2. If you don't get the state card there is no list or record.

    Your recommendation is between you, your doctor, and your caregiver. LEOs aren't required to accept recs as proof, but most do (in cali at least).
  3. so aslong as i only get the paper and not the card i wont have a record?
  4. Yes it goes on your permanent record. They will put it in the same file where you pulled that girls hair in the second grade.
  5. I dont know that its gonna matter after a few months.. but I still wasnt putting my name in a the govmt weed database.. so I got a rec only. I dont need the state issued card; I can chill with my rec until November...
  6. with a standard doctor recommendation you dont go on some "national list of medical users". remember weed is a medicine and you dont have to tell your employers what your medications are, they also cant search for your medical card. if you dont tell your employer, they wont find out. also you cant be fired for having a medical card, it would be discrimination.

    only the doctor u got the card from, dispensaries you go to, and you, will know about your medical card.

    even if you get a county card or state card you still are not on a list that is accessible to employers, only law enforcement.

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