Medical marijuana bill now in Kansas House

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  1. Medical marijuana bill now in Kansas House -

    Maybe there's hope for such a dull state! :)

    “For some reason marijuana just drives people up the wall,” he said. “It's OK to have morphine and every drug known to man - some with just awful side effects. But not marijuana.”

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    It is a very nice thought. Kansas is SOOO blue though. Of course I fully endorse it, but it is odd that this comes up after making a legal substance(K2) illegal. What's wrong with Kansas anyways??
  3. Yeah, it was completely them just freaking out, all of them saying that we know nothing about it or how harmful it may be.

    Anyways, unfortunately HB2610 died, although Johnson County NORML has since edited HB2610 and plans on introducing the edited version in the 2011 legislative session, as well as MedCanKan with the help of the ASA plans on introducing a different Medical Marijuana bill as well. JoCo NORML apparently also has plans on introducing an Industrial Hemp bill as well as a full Re-Legalization bill in the 2011 session, and in all following sessions until passed.
  4. Dull state huh? Yeah I agree, I live here lol. Well it's sad that it was shot down, will def. vote for it when it does go through. Have some terrible back pain when I try to go to sleep. That could help a lot lol.

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