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Medical Marijuana and college?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by trueg115, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. I am planning on moving to California and attending college there this fall, not sure what part yet as I am still deciding.

    But I was wondering on what the law is with medical marijuana and college campuses. Since most colleges require freshman to live on campus for the first year, would this mean that I would not be able to get a card?
  2. The college isnt going to keep you from getting a card. Your not gonna get it at the capus health center obviously though. The only thing they will keep you from is blazing, i think they will bust you card or not, but im not sure.
  3. alright thanks for the help thats what i thought

    ive only got a year though that i have to live in the dorm so ill probbaly just stick to a lot of baked goods haha
  4. In Michigan, the law has just been passed in November and medical marijuana is not allowed on or near college campus. But that is Michigan, a simple Google search on California's law could solve it for sure

    Medical Marijuana Education Staff
  5. As far as I am aware you are allowed to smoke where every your are legally allowed to smoke cigarettes. So you should be able to smoke on campus, but your still going to be hassled by campus security guards.
  6. Sorry to bring this back up, I know it's about 8 months old but there is no point in making a new thread.

    In Colorado the law for medical marijuana states that you can smoke "in your home" but not in public or in places of plain view. So since i'm living in the dorms would this be my home, or my parents house?
  7. Your dorm is considered your home but still, it will not be allowed because of the living agreement you make when in the dorms. Basically not just marijuana but all smoking isn't allowed INSIDE the dorms. Therefore you'd get in trouble (one student my freshman year was kicked out of all on campus living permanently with a MMJ card at Denver University). And since you cannot legally consume MMJ outside of your home, you cannot smoke it where most people would smoke cigs.

    Basically it sucks but you can't legally do it. Freshman year is tough but if there's a chill RA you might be able to smoke in your room and make some popcorn to cover the smell.

    Where are you going to school?
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    UCCS. I'm confused about your friend. I got into UC Denver but it was too expensive, but I looked at their housing and it's like an apartment style thing that's off campus and you sign a lease on it, so are there still ra's up there? Did he get kicked out for smoking with his card there? It's going to suck if they're strict on weed, they're pretty relaxed with alcohol from what i've seen, and no my r.a. is lame.

    Pretty sure if they make people go outside to smoke cigs then you can't smoke anything in your dorm, but what about a vape?
  9. bump* Pioneer what happened to your friend?
  10. I go to DU which is a private school, UC Denver is different. The kid(not my friend) with the card was kicked out of on campus living for ever and that was it, but he was also using the card poorly and was dealing. Im not too up to date on the situation but I think he was caught/in trouble just for having marijuana in his room. Not smoking it necessarily.
  11. Ah ok. Well since you can't smoke cigs in your room there is prob no exception for smoking pot, so i'm guessing it's a no. So where am I supposed to medicate?
  12. You can't as long as your under the school's roof and rules :( Well you can't medicate by smoking, you can do edibles though
  13. yea, places like campus village and the regency and the inn at auraria still have RA-like people on each floor. but a lot of them are chill and smoke inside themselves. it's the security guards and managers you need to worry about.

    OP: if you don't plan on becoming a CA resident, i'm pretty sure you can't get your card there.

  14. I can't get my card where? I'm a CO resident and plan on getting my card here.

    I'll be moving out into an apartment next year, so I guess for this first year i'll have to stick it out and pick up a vape, go off campus and hide somewhere lol, or just eat my meds.
  15. i was refering to the original poster, hence the "OP"
  16. haha yeah unfortunately I have to reside in NC for another year or two, but after that CA here I come!
  17. do you plan on becoming a CA resident?
    if not, i'm pretty sure you can't get your card there.
  18. Yes I plan on becoming a resident. And i've heard that you can get a card once you get your drivers license registered in CA
  19. drivers license=residency.
  20. Whoops, lol I thought I was the op since I brought the thread back :D

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