Medical Marijuana and California

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  1. Hello. I think that people are a little confused on the actual laws regarding medical marijuana in California so I just wanted to throw some stuff out here.

    Honestly there was never a limit set for medical marijuana. Not the amount of dried bud or number of plants. Proposition 215 was voted for by Californians. SB420 is being challenged on constitutional grounds and can be contested legally.


    The SB420 is where the whole "card" concept came into play. It was to create a system to try to make and maintain a legitimate and documented process to ensure only people who truly need it for medical purposes are growing and using it. This was also devloped to help ease law enforcement with a way to prove to police that you are indeed a medical patient with a legitimate issued medical card.

    The following is taken directly out of the SB420 text:

    "It shall not be necessary for a person to obtain an identification card in order to claim the protections of Section 11362.5." - What that means to me is Prop 215 (Section 11362.5) is the law that we voted for - NOT the SB420.

    "since California Constitution Article 2, Section 10c states the legislature cannot amend an initiative statute without voter approval" - SB420 is the government trying to strip us of rights and limit our rights without consulting us first. This is not a legitimate law.

    The truth of the matter is all you need to be a true legitimate medical marijuana patient is a written statement from a qualified doctor stating that marijuana would help your condition. There are no plant number limits, no pound limits, none of that.

    I know I'll probably get some mixed opinions with this post, but we have to remember that we are Americans. We have these things called rights and a constitution so that when the government tries to pass laws like the SB420 we can say "Sorry there, according to constitutional law this isn't legitimate until its been voted on.". That is our right as Americans. Don't let them keep taking away our freedoms.

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