Medical Marihuana Production and the proposed changes - Canada

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    My wife and I are on track to receive our MMA licenses in early February. We are very concerned about the proposed changes to the law.

    As some of you may know, they plan to get rid of the production licenses and set up a system where we can purchase it from licensed, regulated growers.

    We have a couple of problems with this. Have you seen the list of rules and regulations for the growers? Security systems, cameras, commercial space, fire codes, testing, highly restricted access systems, security clearances for operators and employees. Shits crazy. There is NO WAY this pot will be cheap.

    Guidance Document - Building and Production Security Requirements for Marihuana for Medical Purposes

    This is but one small section. We are talking deep pockets to set this up.The changes are supposed to be in effect in April 2014. Little over a year from now.

    Well this screws all of us nicely. We can buy on the street or buy from them but it will be at least $8-$10/gram. Maybe more. Our license will be 10 grams a day between us. Yes, we pay for it now but we get a deal and we use an ounce a week. We'd use more if we could afford it. With the license and the ability to grow we can get the relief we need for less. Plus we can control the quality and strains.

    So we just spent about $4000 getting set up for this. Built a room, bought good gear, got fire protection, good ventilation, electrical and did it right. Put a lot of thought and hard work into this. Just waiting for the mail to arrive to get things rolling.

    Sure we are ahead after one year if things go well. We'll have grown the amount we want to use and it will have been cheaper than buying it. But it still bloody sucks. When the law kicks in we are back to feeling shitty about half the time because we can't afford more.

    How can this be legal? Forcing sick people to pay more.

    Since it is being treated and controlled as any other highly controlled medication, are they going to demand the insurance companies pay for it like any other drug under a plan? Are they going to subsidise it? Are they going to pay for peoples pot who are sick on welfare or disability? I highly doubt it, They can't afford what they have to pay for now. We can clearly see the direction of the medical system in Canada.

    This is not fair in any way, shape or form. There has been a long fight to get where we are now and this just about wipes away all the progress.

    So when the axes falls on our production license, is the next step a series of police investigations or raids on previous known medical growers. I am sure they have a long list. Will we all have a target on our backs? Will Health Canada give us all up for "inspection" because they know lots of people will continue to grow because they have to.

    Can we fight this?

    What are our legal options?


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