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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by blazinfocus, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. i've been checking norml's website religiously since i started smoking several months ago, and last month in the PA news section there have been several articles relating to a bill to legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania, there havent been any updates since may 9th, and i'm wondering if theres any news on the bill, when/if it will be put into legislature. the articles that were posted were not very clear on this, simply saying that a couple of legislators have began working on the bill, but no time frames. anyone have some new information on this?
  2. right now it just been introduced, and not much else has happened. Give it time.
  3. shit wen they pass the bill all i gotta do is fake an unknown illness and get perscribed
  4. I have a back problem, so its allll goooood. :smoking:
  5. Real mature.
  6. I have been fighting with my parents for a long time because MMJ is not legal in PA because of my anxiety, marijuana helping tremendously with it. If this passes, it would be a godsend.
  7. i know what you mean Nirvana, i'm still living at home with my parents, and i hate having to sneak outside for a waterfall at night. a little smoke is about the only thing that allows me to sleep. i dont want to see a doctor for it because i know they'll just prescribe me some sleeping pills which all seem to have some nasty side effects.
  8. Those that fake illnesses for MMJ should just get off the site and kill themselves.

    Seriously, it is YOU people that anti-MMJ talk about and weaken the pro-MMJ argument.
    Just be happy new strains will be introduced to the area and that your chances of getting a 100% legit dank strain would skyrocket.

    I say again, those that plan on faking for MMJ only hurt the cause by feeding the enemy and therefore keep it from those who really need it.
  9. yeah I have sleeping pills, but not to help with the anxiety, to counter-act the effects of the "anxiety medication" the doctor put me on AKA ADHD Meds, can you believe that lol he's put me on adderall, ritalin, vyvanse, and now strattera, all of which do work somehow but have nasty side effects such as no appetite, insomnia, bouncing off the walls. (all of which are counter-acted with a little help of MJ), but could all be eliminated if I could just smoke and that be my anxiety cure.
  10. yea i kno lolz

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