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  1. Ive been smoking for about six months with out any long breaks or anything. I suffer from insomnia, bad nightmares/sleep waking, ADHD, anger, and dyslexia. Im still currently in high school, but anyway Ive gone threw a huge list of different sleeping meds to help with both nightmares and insomnia but no matter what i would take I would wake up tired the next day. I wasnt really sleeping I was forced to sleep and my body would never feel rested. At one point i stopped taking the sleeping meds all together they did more bad then good. I would feel more rested with a few hours of sleep then I would getting a full nights sleep on a pill. Then there is the ADHD and anger issues that landed me 20 days suspended last school year, i mostly had issues with teacher or i would be impulsive and say or do something to get my self in trouble. I was lucky they let me move on to my junior year. About half way thew last year my parents took me to get medicated for those issues the doctor gave me blood pressure meds and we tried a few different ones and haven't found one that works.(my body is very sensitive to medication) I would always hear about medical weed but never really did any reading on it. I did my research on it and decided to pitch the idea to my parents. Their first reaction was no, so i went and did some persuasion and they become a little more open to the idea. I started smoking at night. A joint before bed or even smoke a bowl before bed and it started to help me sleep full nights and my nightmares subsided. The ADHD i still take meds for to help concentrate while in school but it seems a mix between smoking at night.(helps me sleep and be more calm the next day) and taking concerta to help me concentrate really changed my school life its coming to the end of the first quarter and I've had little trouble and amazing grades witch hasn't happened in years. There are tho a few issues with this. One being smoking is illegal, my parents do pay or my illegal weed but is there anyway for me to have it legally in NJ? My second question is how much trouble can my parents get into? A Lot a little i have no idea.

    (Sorry its a not well written and kind of jumps around i tried my best)
  2. None of your conditions qualify for MMJ in NJ, not to mention the shops haven't had a supply in some time now. Gotta have AIDS/Cancer etc to qualify in NJ.
  3. heey, i was just wondering just cause i live in nj and have similar experience as you if you knew anyone? im freaking out and donno what to do

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