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Medical HashHish mixed with a giant sticky resiny ball covered in keif!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BudJuanaMan420, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. i jus took one toke out ma bong of this shit i got from my cousins gf and DAAAAAAAAMN im so fucking high lol its like im floating and the hash percentage of thc was 69% she made it her self from all her grows ! blueberry haze,mauiwauiskunk,Whitewidowstrawberrykush, and some g-13Lowrider she collected all the pollen from her grows and made hash she got like 6 pounds of hash she gave me a hp for FREE lol and some chronic seeds in exchange for a bit of the harvest idc im growing for personal use but my point is IM FUCKED UP if you are stoned please respond:bongin::hello::confused::confused::eek::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::p:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  2. gave you a hp of hash? lets see pics lol
  3. A half pound of hash, for free? I smell shit.
  4. its my fucking cousins GIRLFREIND/FIANCE
    she grows like mad fucking crazy im talking 60 + plants in her huge ass basement my cousin slangs and she grows but she makes hash for herself from all the keif from the plants
  5. I'm about to go join you in the clouds...but did you mean hash with a resin ball covered in keif or just that the hash was resinous? Either way guess I won't care in a sec ahaha
  6. lol right with ya per waui i meant a resin ball covered in keif waui
  7. ha sounds killer, although i feel like the resin might make it taste a bit funkier, I'd rock the straight keif coated hash patties, but you probably feelin fine either way ;)
  8. there's a few things I see wrong with your post.

    first its not medical Hashish unless it was sold to dispensary or made at a co-op

    and with this half pound of hash WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT ON RESIN?....
  9. damn hp of hash? that would last me years
  10. That would be because he is lying.

  11. picture or it didnt happen......a half pound for free? thats insane....nobody would do that.....thats unreal.....
  12. pics or it didn't happen.:)
  13. She must be making a shit ton of money off her grow op if she can afford to give her fiance's cousin a free HP.


    You're lying.
  14. A half-pound of hash required more raw cannabis buds than you would think, op. Next time you make something up, make it a little more plausible.

    How would they know the THC content of their hash? Do they have it tested? Which analytical firm do they use?
  15. ^^^ I agree with the Po Po on this one.
  16. Hey now.... shush.
  17. Yeah... I'm calling bullshit on this one. I don't really want to see another thread where everyone just rips on someone, so prove us wrong.
  18. it takes 100`s of plants to get pounds of hash dude,

    whitewidowstrwaberrykush? what the hell is that?

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