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medical growing southeast usa

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by basebal2555, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. anybody know of current news about states passing laws that allow for mmj cultivation anywhere in the south east usa. right now im in jersey and the program sucks only two open functioning dispensaries and the price is 500 plus tax an ounce with shake at an amazing $80 a quarter still counting towards the amount of monthly allotment based on weight and a limit on how much of what you can buy in 1 visit because of demands. and the price is the same no matter what strain u buy plus they only came out with the shake when they were out of buds so there were never any other options its just what the dispensary feels like doing. I plan to move in about 2 years south still east by the coast for the beach to south Carolina but like if the Washington dc thing passes today I may try to end up living there.  just wondering about anyone's opinion on other states in the area sadly I must say I cant forsee myself living in Miami beach retired and able to grow. the only good thing I can see is my state doesn't limit to vapor and topicals like the more restrictive places are starting to do as well as I have severe crohn's disease and that is not a qualifying ailment in some places.

  2. 1 more thing im not hating on other states but it seems like around here the only places that have an extensive mmj program are states up north I hate shoveling snow and will be moving south!
  3. I'm from canada man so i don't really have to worry about harsh laws like you americans but honestly thats so terrible that you actually have to consider moving your place you call home to somewhere completely new all so you can get the proper medication which is a plant ffs. thats sad, capitalism is ruthless... best of luck to you friend :)
  4. I go to garden state too, at least at 85 a quarter for shake its still good weed, just looks like shit. 130 a quarter is insane, especially as medicine. I also have crohns and I've been using the SW during the day time and Death Star at night. I also want to leave this state and get a legal grow cause crohns is forever and 130$ a week forever is retarded

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