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  1. Hello everyone! I am going to be starting my first legal medical grow within the next month and am very excited! I have been lurking on these boards for years and have had 10 succesful indoor grows and countless outdoor/greenhouse grows, vastly due to the knowledge available here and other forums just like it. Now I would like to do my part in spreading knowledge while continuing to learn by creating a grow log with the combined knowledge of this board. I would love any and all advice on how to maximize this grow. before we get started just one big thanks to everyone who participates in this grow log.
    • Produce 10 to 15 lbs of fine sensimilla every 4-8 weeks (seems like alot I know and may ot be possible but I intend to turn alot of product into concentrates and edibles)
    • Stay within legal limits of licience (see perameters below)
    • Work within current available space

    • 30 plants in flower max (licence retriction will not grow more)
    • Obviously will have to be a perpetual grow of some sort
    • Diameters of available space Basement: 26'L X 18'W X 7'6"H + Bedroom: 12'L X 14'W X 8'H (I have more Space available but do not think it will be needed)
    • Strains: White Widow, Sour D and Blueberry are what i would like to grow but this is open for suggestions as is everything else.
    • Money isnt everything but i would like to keep the cost of the grow room under $10k closer to $5k would be nice.
    • smell is not an isuue (I am legal bitch)

    Equipment already on hand:

    • 1000w Hps/MH vented xxxxl reflector
    • 400w flouro 6 tube growlight
    • 2 1000w MH with open reflectors (may not use these as they are outdated ballast)
    • 500cfm inline fan
    • 36 plot cloner
    • ducting
    • mylar
    • ph testers, water pumps ect..

    Now here come the choices I have to make
    1. Hydro or soil? (I know I know .... newb question go hydro or go home but you never know i have had some good luck with soil). eventually this whole setup will be converted to a aquaponics system when i grow the balls)
    2. If hydro it is then what system is suggested i am a builder and have much experince so will be fabricating my own system question is what would be the best setup for what i am looking for?
    3. Scrog seems to be the best option for my expectations but if anyone else can give me a better idea I am open
    4. Room layout is my biggest hurdle and where I really need the help i can divin the spaces any way i please and have a seperate area i can house mommy plants and here children so the space givin above is for veg and bloom only
    5. 600w or 1000w ( Always had the go big or go home attitude but if the extra wattage is not going to make up for the price to run 1000w then I will conceed to the 600w

    Well let the fun begin looking foward to all your wisdoms and things
  2. You really just need your basement grow room for 30 plants. Really you could comfortable fit 48 plants in a area that size. As for lighting, for me, it would be no less than 9 1k(s), or 12 600(s) to light up that entire room. But I would go with the 12 600(s), as they would use almost 2k less power while providing better overall focused lighting throughout your entire grow room. And if you are not going to be using co2, 56w - 58w psf is plenty of light for a grow room that won't ever be over crowed, (3 x 3 per plant). As for the hydro vs. soil thingie, it's your grow, grow it the way you like. I grow both ways, but I like soil growing more, I like having the ability to work on my plants in a different area of my setup, my maintenance room. And also because I grow just as much outside as I do inside, soil is my preferred growing medium.
  3. Your a legal bitch?lol
  4. Id say youll need more lights lol. 10-15kW would make those goals I'd say.

    Sour D is a long flowering strain, try blue dream or something easy and heavy yielding.

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