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Medical for my mom? Could it help her?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Thunderfucked, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. So.... my mom has a disease called Intracranial Hypertension (i think thats how its spelled dont feel like checking) basically she has cerebral fluid that builds up in her skull over time because it flows in faster than it can drain back out. This creates pressure that causes severe migranes. She gets spinal taps regularly to drain this fluid, but the taps create even more problems of their own (chronic back pain). She gets prescribed a plethora of medications for this incuding vicodin, but it seems like none of these are providing her too much relief which is kind of alarming to me because it seems the side effects of these drugs are not worth the small benefits shes getting from them. I was wondering if anybody knows of any studies or information regarding whether cannabis could help or not. She's only smoked weed once when she was in high school and hated it (she said she got really paranoid and had a panic attack) and is pretty against it, so it would take some work to get her to give it a shot. I checked Granny Storm Crows list and theres some information regarding migranes but couldn't find anything relating to my moms problem. I sometimes consider making some mild canna-tea to slip her when she has a migrane to see if it provides any relief but thats pretty shady. If anybody can find any research pointing towards a yes for cannabis helping i would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Several classes of medications, collectively referred to as antihypertensive drugs, are currently available for treating hypertension. Cannabis is known to reduce hypertension to normal levels with regular use and to maintain normal levels with continued use in some cases.
  3. Hash is good for my migraines. YMMV lol

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  4. I have Cluster Migraines, and cannabis has helped immensely with my pain. However you should seek advice from an MMJ friendly doctor familiar with her specific condition. And if possible get them to discuss it with her. But by all means do your research. Don't slip her anything without her full knowledge, and stay close by if she chooses to go along. Personally I think we are just on the cusp of understanding the medical properties of cannabis, and that doesn't sit well with pharmaceutical companies who pay doctors to prescribe their medications.
  5. it will serve humanity well to get back to understanding where our medicine comes from regardless of what doctors have to say about it.  the more we know about our medicine the less interaction with doctors will be needed and the doctors will have to look around and see all the people being healed and healthy without them banking in heavy on it. maybe they will find something better to do than prey on sick people with bank accounts
  6. We just need to get the doctors back to the Hippocratic oath, and stop being greedy and working for us, not big pharma.
  7. amen to that brother!!!!!!  anytime someone can move away from greed is a good thing. more people less greed!!
  8. Ask granny, shed be the perfect person to help, she's knows everything about everything regarding to mmj and she's the sweetest old lady lol

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  9. It could, but it might also be a bit strong -  guess it depends on how she handles her stuff and how bad these migrane are. I've come down with bad headaches because of the sensitivity to light, so, again, depends

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