Medical dispensaries don't want legalization

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  1. It's only a select few dispensaries from what I've been researching, and these folks are using legal mumbo-jumbo (or complete bullsh!t) to run their businesses as "for-profit" while remaining legal by claiming to fall under CA marijuana law. Just another pitfall from poorly worded legislation...hoping this can change in November!
  2. The feeling im getting from most dispensaries is that they want marijuana to be legal. Its a very small percentage, the ones who are trying to make money rather than help people.
  3. Hope might be all we can do, because the MMJ initiative was yanked and it doesn't look like any of the others will get signatures. Yes folks, unfortunately the little money grabbing fuckwads now have us in a position where we have NO INITIATIVE to even vote on. Best of luck to the other states.
  4. U just see this now. As long as it is a schedule 1
    Drug it won't be legalized so don't get your hopes up
  5. Have to admit there are those who benefit from keeping the situation just as it is, in some pseudo-legal mumbo jumbo position. It makes sense that if it were outright legalized for medical if not recreational use the markets would become more flooded with better bud and prices would come down as a result. Dispensaries would have to move more to make a profit and the whole business would become more regulated and less flexible. Some may like it that way by being more legit, but a lot of those currently working within the lucrative cannabis culture and market may see it differently.
  6. looks like all those that fought hard and wanted to have cannabis legalized for medical use, are the same morons who don't want it legalized outright? they're just as dumb and stupid as the morons in office right now. what gives?
  7. The states can schedule their own drugs... Look at Subutex, it's a Schedule 3 drug, but it's Schedule IV in Ohio.
  8. We don't talk about other substances here. Yeah - the state can schedule anything anyway anywhere anytime they want, but when there is a direct conflict with federal law...........that's when there are problems like were having with the dispensaries.

    Medical dispensaries do want it legal - legal in theIR own little bullshit way that excludes others. So, I'm sure as pissed off that a lot of people are about the feds coming in and raiding MMJ states, at the same time they don't feel sorry for the dispensaries in any way whatsoever. As legalization gets nearer, I think we'll see dispensaries disappear. We don't need them. 7-11 and the corner liquor store will work just fine. The local drug store or vitamin/supplement stores can sell any MMJ goods.
  9. The medicinal aspect of legalization is why we arent gonna get anywhere. Its a plant that grows in the ground. It needs to be available for who ever wants. A lot of you propogate the need for medicinal, without giving much thought that it is a low-danger, recreational drug. Imo, we need to shoot for decriminalization then go from there. Theres tons of dispensaries out there selling to whoever has a med card. And lets be honest, not everyone who obtains one actually has a serious ailment. They are just making tons of money and causing tons of problems. They are making it harder for people who do need it by making it this big debate aimed at taking down prescription meds. These people dont care about patients, just there bottom line. It needs decriminalized before further steps can be made.
  10. medicinal weed is what is keeping weed from becoming 'legal'. and/or 'regulated'.
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    There is a issue with MMJ being not a drug that that can only be produced in a lab under privatized capital control over the market like traditional pharmaceuticals. And so isn't popular or recognized medically for that reason alone. And it will be a long time before the stigma that many so called patients only feign a medical necessity just so they can get high will go away. It may be that MMJ is acceptable for more of the populace than ever, but those who are against it still tend to hold power and influence over public sentiment when it counts.

    Edit: Recall that the existence of dispensaries only squeaked into being to fill the void created by states dragging their heels on legislation to create regulated availability by state run outlets or dispensaries, and technically are in fact illegal to operate and sell marijuana under any conditions. Thus their very existence constitutes a legal limbo that's only tentatively tolerated by states as a way to provide medicine to patients.
  12. Some may not like my personal motives, but the truth is that any further degree of legalization would have a negative impact on my retirement income plans. I don't have any mutual funds or 401k accounts to fall back on to supplement a feeble Social Security income my wife and I are looking at. I'm good at this growing business, have a workable distribution network who likes my product and prices, and frankly it's my only option for a relatively comfortable and secure retirement. While legal marijuana would certainly pose a problem. I feel torn on the issue, but the bottom line sways most heavily as a persuader.
  13. Medical needs to be further down the road. And whether people like it or not, cannabis is on its way to legalization. It needs re-scheduled and decriminalized. I have no sympathy for the dispensaries being shut down. The ones being closed are for reasons of greed. There are ones out there who probably do care about the patient, but it seems to few. I said it before and ill say it again, its a plant that grows naturally in the dirt and people should be able to consume it on a more recreational level. Why should it be limited to patients and why is this the begining steps to legalization. People dont have the nuts to go out and say i wanna smoking this plant because i fuckin feel like it. Theyd rather hide behind the term medicinal because they feel the need to rationalize their drug use.
  14. Well Cuz, I guess a lot of people don't feel like funding your retirement, or supporting the the local gangs, or the cartels, or the DEA for that matter.
  15. Aside from the obvious "dude that's messed up" you should realize that at the current rate it's only a matter of time before the feds mess up YOUR business or big pharma gets their way and turns the plant into official medicine. At that point they'd probably try to shut down ALL the dispensaries and make everyone get their meds at a pharmacy. If you're truly good at growing then you'd most likely be able to still make a career of it with full legalization. Lots of people will SUCK at growing initially so there will always be a demand for ready made bud.

    The way things are right now isn't sustainable long-term. We need to push for full legalization or chances are big pharma/the feds or both will find a way to screw the mmj movement.

  16. No one likes the idea of funding any business owner's personal lifestyle, or helping that of any wage worker either in that context. But they still do it every day without thinking about it in that light. It's that out of sight, out of mind thing.

  17. Interesting how the unspoken element prevails. Just how many growers would say essentially the same thing I am, retirement wise or not? Many are they out there who could not afford their modest lifestyles if they didn't supplement their income via a basement, attic or stealth garage grows. And legalization would not bode well for continuing to pay their overinflated bills.
  18. It's about how I learned long ago there's more than security at stake when it comes to no one knowing I grew the buds they just bought off me. Sooner or later, regardless of the quality, it just turns into some form of jealousy over the idea that I'm making a chunk of change for seemingly little effort and personal cost. In recent years the word to all but a long trusted friend is I'm only a connection who knows a no name grower that will only deal with me. First reactions to a grower seem positive, but that resentment or jealousy just has a way of creeping in.

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