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Medical card

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tiimothyy, May 5, 2016.

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    With ohio legislation getting ready to legalize medical cannabis i had a few questions on how i should go about getting a medical card, i feel if i walk into a doctors office and directly tell him weed helps me with my anxiety he will look at me as if im some kid trying to get weed on his schedule. But i dont want pills i have never have, even as a child. (22 now and still dont like pills)

    I do have bad anxiety. I'll be at a store and randomly go sit in the car from fear of criticism or while sitting at home on gta or call of duty ill mute all the mics and avoid players (yes its that bad).

    So my question is how would i obtain a card for anxiety without looking like im just trying to get weed? Because i am just trying to get weed, a few months ago i had gotten a strain called grape god 20% thc 1% cbd and boy did it help, i played with other people and was able to enjoy myself one time in the last 2 years of fear of everyone.

    Thank you for your help
  2. You will have to look into the laws for your state. Every medical program is different

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  3. Yep, this. ^^^^

    Every state's laws are a bit different, and so you'll have to wait until it all passes to see how it's going to work and then you'll have to navigate the system. Your instincts are correct though, you won't likely be going to your family doctor. Some version of this is going to happen once everything passes and is up and running:

    You'll go to a mmj clinic where you'll be interviewed and maybe checked out by a doctor. They may or may not need your medical history as proof to your complaints. Then they'll recommend mmj and you or they will file all the paperwork with the state. Then it's a matter of waiting for your card. In some states that can be minutes, or it can be weeks. It just depends on the law and what they have to do. The mmj clinic is going to cost $$, as is filing with the state.

    That's just kind of an example of the hoops, as everything in your state is still theoretical.
  4. i appreciate this. I took into consideration going to the doctor a few times to make a medical history of the anxiety attacks and panic disorder.
  5. So, you haven't been seeing a doctor for these issues and are just jumping straight to mmj? No offense OP, but people like you who use the mmj system to smoke legally are the worst aspects of the mmj system and why nobody takes it seriously any more.
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  6. Why is that? I am not the op but if he found out something that helps his ailment with no cons then whats wrong with that? Is it the fact that he hasn't gotten opinions from his doctor?
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  7. You've got it wrong
  8. If he's had a pre-existing condition and can get mmj to help with it, that's what the system is for. Fine. But the way he said it, since he hasn't ever apparently sought treatment for this condition in the past, it sounds sketchy and I was calling him on that. People who abuse the system are reprehensible and make all users of the mmj system look like scammers. I use weed recreationally. I have 30 years of medical history of migraines. I could easily have a medical card if I wanted it. Weed has no effect on my migraines so I didn't get one because I can still smoke weed without lying about it. This is where I'm coming from.
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  9. At least in New Mexico you have to have a valid history for whatever ailment you are trying to medicate for. What sneaky snake is saying is mmj is NOT to first solution and won't be approved by many mmj states. Be careful with the "no cons BS" because I can assure you there are cons. Look around a little more and observe all the overdoses, green outs, can not sleep, no motivation and on and on and on and on posts about problems people are having that the treatment is worse than the symptoms. People are stupid as a general rule, there is no such thing as dosing mmj so people use too much, way too much sometimes over and over again.

    People that game the mmj system really are screwing the rest of us. I see them all the time at the dispensary and it's obvious they have a mmj card just to get high. On the flip side I've seen 1/2 the people in the recreational MJ side in Colorado all really needing help.
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  10. Ok gotcha. All respect. I was just wondering and I def see where you're coming from. I really respect doctor's opinions on things so its def the right thing to see a doctor before self medicating.
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  11. Great input. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. Trash this thread
  13. At least in the land of canucks (Canada) : ) you have to speak with your family doctor and they will refer you to a "cannabis doctor". If approved you will sign up with a licensed producer who will then send you medical marijuana through the mail.
  14. If we did that, those that follow in your path will have no direction.

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