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medical card question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RUFFLZ, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. i was just wondering if when you have a medical card, does it show up on your record? like if i was trying to look for a professional job after college/internship, would it show up on a background check?
    my buddy says it doesnt. just wondering
  2. Not unless you are trying to get a Government job.

    As a lawyer or a doctor... nah... it's against personal privacy for a job to look at your medical records.
  3. Nope it does not show up for ANY job unless you were to get the state issued ID card which you do not need and nobody gets, it works the same way it does for your normal doctor, they can't release anything without your consent. And it's not even your normal doctor, so there's even less 'risk'.
  4. thanks guys. makes sense. on another note, would my parents ever find out??? haha
  5. Only if you told them.
    I personally would.
    Screw smoking behind their backs; especially with a card.
    I love the open relationship I have while going to college and renting from home; smoke when I want, almost where I want, without having to worry about ANYONE catching me. Its chill; No stress.
    Sucks to be you if thats totally out of the question though.
    Your safe; if you want to be double sure use your cell # instead of your home #. I dunno how legit the privacy is on some of those places; what if you get a marketing call for cheap kush from the dispensary down the street? haha. Other than that unlikely scenario, I don't see how they could ever find out

  6. ya it wouldnt be the end of the world if they found out. theyre pretty chill but its just easier without them knowing haha. if they do ever find out im pretty sure i can convince them i know what im doing to my own body
  7. dude just tell your parents you need to medicate. then go burn one outside or something lol
  8. Hmmmm, so you can't work for the government if you've smoked marijuana, even if you quit?

    That sounds awfully strange like someone us Americans know...


    Could it be.... The President?! :eek:
  9. [quote name='"burtontoker"']Hmmmm, so you can't work for the government if you've smoked marijuana, even if you quit?

    That sounds awfully strange like someone us Americans know...


    Could it be.... The President?! :eek:[/quote]

    No, you are unable to have a medicinal card and work for the government.
  10. can't speak for every state, but the list is confidential in Michigan.

  11. well the card wouldnt be for my parents haha im contemplating growing so id want the card for some security
  12. Your parent's won't find out unless you tell them.
  13. When people say government they mean federal government right?

    The only things that will give you trouble will be the military (I was actually planning on joining until I got my card but kind of regret it in a weird way now..) they will find out pretty quick because you sign papers that let them into your medical records.

    I know for a FACT that federal jobs are off your plate, but state maybe not. At least if you already have the job. But who wants to work for the government any way?

    The only people that will know will be you. And people who you let know. You don't have to even tell employers but that doesnt mean if they catch you and you say you have a card then your free.. They can still technically fire you. Card holders have no "protection" from that type of discrimination yet. But I'm hoping in the near future when I look for an actually career and it will be protected.
  14. If your work tests you then you should tell them or it could be the end

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