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Medical card please help me!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dylroche1, May 26, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone about 6 months ago i got hit in the eye out of nowhere at a party fights started and i just randomly got hit. I had to get 7 stitches in my eyebrow and my orbital fractured in 2 spots and my eye sits a little lower then the other now. I get headaches pretty often now and was wondering if that would make me eligible for my medical card? I have proof i got hit i could give the doctor pictures/ police report anything they wanted to know about it. Anyways please let me know and for you who dont beleive here is a pic of my eye.

    This was about 2 weeks after and still looking bad
  2. if you can get Med records stating you have ongoing chronic(how ironic) pain it should be no problem depending on where you live:smoke:
  3. well i dont have a record for the headaches cause they werent all that bad but now im getting more and a lot more often.. the doctor said i could experience this ive just blown it off really but its getting to the point that its annoying having them all the time
  4. damn, you got fucked up

    but to stay on topic, yea just go to the doc with med reports of that and say u got gnarly chronic pain and in about an hour or so you can be on your way to a dispensary pickin out the good meds to help ease the pain ;)
  5. lol yup everyone was drunk and a fight started over some bitch and some guy just decided to randomly blindisde me...
  6. Most physicians will give you a recommendation for chronic pain affecting your life. Not for a headache that will go away with time.

    Also, you need to try more "mainstream" methods first like perscription drugs etc. If after trying more acceptable methods your chronic pain still exists and lowers your everyday quality of life, you should take your records/pill bottles to your local physicians to see if cannabis can help.

  7. I may not understand what you were trying to say here, but why try something "mainstream" first? What makes cannabis less acceptable?
  8. Some doctors recommending MJ are looking to see if you have gone the regular "mainstream" route and tried available methods such as tests, physical therapies, prescriptions etc. before recommending MMJ. Not all doctors do this but the more reputable ones do. MMJ is still considered a last stitch effort. We have to go along with this in order to qualify and so getting prescriptions and not taking them is common. But if you qualify to get a prescription it is good because you can show the prescription to your doctor who will recommend you based on your need for a prescription.

  9. Just tell them you have anxiety and insomnia. and you can get one.
    most of the places you get your card from are in on it and dont really care what your excuse is.
    at least the the one here in my town is like that.
    but good luck man.
  10. "In Chris Tucker voice"-You got knocked the FUCK OUT mayne!

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