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Medical card in Colorado?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Rehd, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hi I had a few questions for anyone who's had experience with medical cards and Colorado. Looking at the description for things they would use marijuana to treat, it looked as though nausea and maybe muscle spasms are the only things Colorado would validate use for me with. I have other uses for it like for insomnia or keeping my attention focused, but that doesn't seem to be on there list.

    So based on those two symptoms, think it would be easy for me to get the card here in Colorado? How much would it cost? What would I expect? How do I go about asking for a card? Any help would be appreciated. :D
  2. Alright..for starters it cost me 250 plus 90 dollars to send in the papers. The reason I was approved is because I suffer from epilepsy and was approved fairly easily. Took a while to get my medical history papers from my family doctor, but after that you just have to pay the 340, have a couple appointments, and choose your caregiver.

    The only way it is "easy" in CO is if you suffer from a serious condition as I do, and even then you still need medical records.

    ADD doesn't fly in CO, insomnia may work as well as nausea. But once again: Medical records.
  3. Gotcha, I really don't have any medical records on the nausea or insomnia, despite I've had those since I was 7. Parents refused to take me to doctors for that and told me it was my own fault, ever since I started smoking, no problems sleeping, less headaches, less stressed, nausea, etc.

    I think I may have to wait until Co becomes more free like Cali. We're on our way though, if you didn't hear. They made it harder to be arrested for possession and cut fines in half. Just have to wait for the medical door to open up. Just wish people would realize it has more than just a few uses to help out in the medical field and it really isn't that harmful itself.
  4. Yeah I hear you man. I'm glad we live in a state with fairly relaxed laws on MJ already, and decent MMJ laws.

    Just try and get to a doctor and document your problems if they are legit. I know when I was getting my card Nausea was something I discussed with them because I have to take 2 pills every night for my Migraines and 2 more for my Epilepsy, in addition to the other morning pill for Epilepsy. Whenever I take all these meds I have issues with Nausea and in addition eating around these times.

    MMJ truely helps us legit patients live our lives to the fullest, and I hope you can join us some day soon.
  5. Nausea isn't too big of a cause for me which is a problem. I get it occasionally, but my biggest problem are headaches, stress (had two ulcers in high school a few years ago), and insomnia. I'd say I used to average 2-4 advil every other day for headaches and I'd lay awake for about 5-6 hours before falling asleep. Soon as Co places those under the category for being able to get a medical card, I'll be incredibly happy.

    I'm glad Co is pretty lenient, I've almost been busted a few times, but even almost being busted isn't that bad. I wouldn't really be looking at jail time or anything hurting my records, I'd just have a fine and lose my pipe / stash.

    I'm glad that we are one of the few states that does help out people who truly do have problems that MMJ solves. I hate using other drugs or presciptions, this is natural and doesn't effect me negatively. Much healthier, especially if you cook it. Thanks for the help / advice on the card on Co. Too bad I'll have to wait awhile for our state to loosen up a little bit more. Maybe with Obama in office... *hopes*

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