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Medical card: does it go on your record/medical record

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DaMonkey, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Hello, my friend wants to get a medical card, but she is worried that future employers would see that information. She's interested in a job in nursing, and is worried that it would show up on some kind of record that would ruin all the time she spent in college trying to become a nurse. my question is, is there any type of record that a medical company could find to not hire you?
    da monk
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    IIRC MMJ users have no protection when it comes to this. If they find out they could choose to not hire/fire you with to repercussions.

    As for them finding out, I really don't know if having a card goes on your record, but if your going to be working in a hospital it seems like it would come up eventually.....
  3. yes it does go on a record. i was told this by a Oakland County Sheriff
  4. yes,so if you ever go to court wanting to take custody of your kids this might prevent you from it.

  5. Sigh - this question again.

    Your card is part of your medical records, and is protected by federal laws - your medical records are private. I wish that those who only speculate would stop giving advice pulled from one's ass.


  6. that would mean it is part of your record then. jobs cant pull it up but in court it could be used. as far as i know.

  7. Here in Oregon - the DEA tried to subpoena patient records from the THCF clinics, but the Federal courts ruled that those records are protected by the HIPPA laws. DEA had to suck it up and move on.

    Patient's medical records are safe.

  8. thats pretty sweet. it maybe different for different states.
  9. Probably in federal court but if it is like Clinton said, then it might not apply in state courts....but then again this is steering away from the original question.
  10. HIPPA laws are constant through out the states so your concern is just worry.

    But if your friend gets a ticket or higher bust - that WILL be in her records.


  11. Gee, the sherriffs are well known for ACCURATE information aren't they. /sarcasm.

    Me too.

    Every state has different laws regarding MMJ, ESPECIALLY when it comes to record keeping.

    IN California the only records are at your doctor's office. UNLESS you decide to get the State ID card issued by your county Health Department office. THEN you go into a protected database of all patients with the ID card. However, employers cannot access this database - though law enforcement can.

    BINGO - Deep background checks can find court records, if you've been to court and even if you have a positive MMJ defense and get your citation thrown out and meds returned, there will be a record of it, and it might show up on a background check.

    HIPAA is a FEDERAL law however, and it covers only your private medical records. Medical records are now always protected. Typically employers are forbidden for discriminating against medically related issues, however, that does NOT apply in most MMJ states for MMJ patients unless their state laws specifically preclude it. Sadly, California is not a state were patients are protected against employment discirimination or housing discrimination.

    God we really need a FAQ.
  12. the only reason I asked is because since she is going into the medical field, they would have access to the medical records. so i'm guessing the answer is it's fine, and they can't find out about it unless she turns up positive on a drug test?
    thanks for all the answers and comments.
  13. If she gets a prescription for Marinol or something then she's covered for the drug test as well and she cannot be discriminated against or get in any sort of trouble for the failed drug test, just make sure she says it before hand as a heads up.


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