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  2. [quote name='"lbpballer625"']I looking to get a medical card. Do you know if i can get approve?
    The reason i am trying to get a medical card it cause i have sharp pain on my left chest. This pain comes everyday usually at the nights. I am taking tylenol for my pain. I had surgery on my chest during this summer of 2011. I am from socal. thank you[/quote]

    Damn... You can get a card in Cali for almost anything. Stub you toe? Here is some pot :)
    So I can almost say 95% sure you can, although I can't say for certain because I don't live In Cali.
  3. This is the Marijuana News Forum, not the Dr Advice Forum. Go talk to a doctor. if you don't like what he says, go talk to another doctor.

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