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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheArrow, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Rundown...

    From seeds from Emery
    Age : 5 weeks from sprouts,
    Height ; 4, 6 , 7 inches each
    Soil ; big 1-3 inch stones at bottom of pot
    a 10-6-4 mix of potting soil/worm castings/peat moss
    added 1 cup bone meal 2-11-0 ferts ; occasional 5-1-1 Fish emulsion, I just added a boost of MG thinking it was a defficiency. Problems noticed and fixed ; it was rootbound for two weeks, transplanted to 227 cm3 sized containers, which means something that I simply cant understand now that im drunk and high,
    Watering ; push my finger to the bottom on the side of the container and when it was dry I watered it until a bit went

    The canopy is nice and green, finally starting to see mini shoots growing after I transplanted.....

    Here is the main problem, the bottom leaves yellowed and crisped on me, and then it slowly went up to the next, and now the 3rd set is falling, of course they are 5 inches away from 4x32 watt fluoros. the next set is keeping with the symptoms, the leaves start to crisp at the tip, turn yellow from the outside to the still green inside stem of the leaf.

    I am going to wait until I have a nice green stable plant before considering flowering.

    What can I do, what do you think it is, I believe it might be P.H. cause I know this sucks, but I just dont have anything to mesure PH for f*** all, Ive uped and downed the PH to creat a bigger buffer... but I dunno. any suggestions?
  2. sounds like nute burns, dont quote me but i think a cup of any type of nute for such a young plant is way too much, thats an insane amount of nutrients. if at all possible you need to flush these plants asap! like now!
  3. If its not the PH, its probably that your lower leaves aren't getting enough light, and as your top leaves grow bigger, more and more of your lower leaves aren't getting enough light, and are therfore crisping up.

    Try tying down your plant. It works wonders.
  4. oh shit...just re-read all of that..that is FAR too many ferts..your okay age wise, 35 days is about perfect to start ferting..but not at that rapid pace..could most certainly be too much ferts..flush it then tie it down.
  5. Ok, Im willing to accept the nute theory, I added the bonemeal, which is organic, when I mixed my soil 1 week ago when I transplanted. and so is fish emulsion, I heard nute burn is almost impossible in organics, because of just that, what isnt used is stored and processed by bacteria, I will stop ferting for the time being, anyone out there who use organics care to comment. I'm sorta leaning personaly towards lack of ligh, but I believe the nutes arent helping. any way to test the diff between nute burn and too little light, my 430 watt Hps is ready, but I didnt want to use it on small plants...

    Last question, if I have a 430 watt Son agro ballast and light ... can I put a 430 watt hortilux bulb with the same effect, or do manufacture specific lights for ballasts that add that 30 watt blue output.
  6. most probably a ph problem, due to the ferts and you said you'd added stuff to take it up and down.......what did you add, to raise and lower the ph?.........either way, i'd flush the soil and see if it improves.......but you need to get a ph tester fast..........Peace out........Sid

    ps what's the temperture in the room?
  7. the temp is mid eighties, I used organic up and down, Vinegar for down and dissolved baking soda for up.

    I have a friend who uses these 2 things to measure his p.h. and fix it, but he uses distilled water, I use tap.

  8. u can use any 430HPS lamp in it (or 400HPS for that matter), if u have the 430argo lamp then use that cus they r the bollox but if not then woteva u can get will work.

    oh yeah and its gotta b nutes thats ur prob, over ferting like that will knock ur ph about aswell but just fixing ur ph wont solve ur prob. i hope flushing ur soil will.
  9. the plants seem to be responding a bit better, I removed the fluoros, and put them under the 430 watt hps about 2 feet away, and they are looking halfway healthy, I hope I can just clone em now....

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