Medibles for dogs?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by simplymickey420, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. My dog like sprained his paw yesterday I gave him a ibproffin and kept him Layin down last night but I was wondering has anyone tried this or have a recipie or some sort of insight if this is even doable??

    Love my stoner girl:)
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    I'd guess it would work perfectly, in theory. You'd have to get the dosage absolutely perfect or risk killing or traumatising your pet. 
    If you can find enough information online then you could go ahead. Remember to scale the dosage to the size of your dog.
    Personally though, there's no way I'd do it. We don't know anything about weed's effects on animals so I'd be scared to traumatise the poor dog.
    Giving a dog ibuprofen can cause it all kinds of health problems, possibly even death. You should call the vet and see what they say. Definitely wouldn't have given it ibuprofen.
    This and don't give it any other drugs unless the vet has confirmed it will be ok, even if the internet tells you its okay.
  5. Thanks man def won't do that again and thankfully it hasn't affected him he's doing completely better today but ya I was on Google saw what I meant

    Love my stoner girl:)
  6. Saw what you meant not I

    Love my stoner girl:)
  7. I wonder did it work on your dog?
    Well, I think you are taking care of your pet perfectly. You must know the problem related with the dogs such as odor and stains.
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  8. Ibuprofen isn't good for anyone but I mean I can't blame you for giving it to him. I would only give your dog a teeny tiny bite of a medible and see what happens. But I would def go for something higher in cbd

    I do have the 5 tho
  9. But at the same time I wonder if that's animal abuse or not. Animal abuse with good intensions?

    I do have the 5 tho

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