Media that influenced you growing up...

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  1. I was talking about this a while ago with a friend of mine while we were high.

    For me it was the american pie movies, I dunno why... and bands like blink 182 and sum 41.

    Probably because the movies and songs are about girls, parties, etc. Everything that I wanted to experience when I got into high school.
  2. Everyone is influenced by every kind of media, in some way.

    In a way, everything is sort of a medium... now, the mass media is what you're gonna wanna watch out for, because they have this idea that everyone should be like a celebrity or some shit. Then they force feed you every bit of their lives through an IV. dripping it slowly into your veins... it circulates and you become a mindless idiot.

    The key is to take a critical standpoint and to not be a blind dummy.

    ANYWAYS, everything is a medium, and everyone is constantly being influenced, even if we don't realize it. Heck, the mass media influenced me to hate them. Weird world, isn't it? :p
  3. The medium is the message!

    Haha sorry, I just felt like quoting McLuhan. :D

    I dunno what really influenced me... Maybe Walt Disney's movies made me antisemitic... Not :rolleyes:


  4. :bongin:

    [ame=]YouTube - Tom & Jerry Illuminati Pyramid & Satan Worship (ENGLISH VERSION)[/ame]
  5. The medium is also the MASSAGE.

    Gives us a nice backrub, tells us to lay back and enjoy, let the technology do the work for you.

    McLuhan is a good guy. Everything in our external surroundings is in some an extension of the human body; thus, we are influenced by nearly everything around us. Consider the idea that there is no such thing as creative, original thought in the purest sense - everything we think of is in some way prompted by our external environment and day-to-day interactions. My friend in physics told me that we don't actually ever touch anything - there's the tiniest barrier of separation... I was really stoned at the time, and was like "Oh fuck, so not only is everything an extension of our body, but we can't even touch those extensions!"

    I have no idea what I just said, but fuck the media, and fuck the police.
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    Fuck jesus too.

    On that note, the present doesn't exists. From the moment light hits your retina and the time it takes for the electric impulse to reach your brain... it's already in the past.

    Oh Em!


    Edit: Next week, The events in Clermont-Ferrant in 1085. Was Urbain II drunk? Stay tuned!
  7. You and I think alike. :p
  8. [​IMG]

    This defined my childhood.

    Er, damn, I've said too much.
  9. Southpark nd Jackass, what great role models :cool: Thanks dad:D
  10. I must be old. Media that influenced my childhood includes Billy Joel, New Kids on the Block, and Fraggle Rock.
  11. completely agree +rep
  12. skateboarding
  13. stoner movies like dazed and confused, the breakfast club, grandma's boy, how high, half baked...what pretty much made me a pothead
  14. half baked, american pie 2, coolio's gangstas paradise (lol), grunge music, adam sandler, grand theft auto, beer commercials, goosebumps books

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