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Discussion in 'New Forum Upgrade Bug Tracker' started by Shawnmactm, Mar 13, 2016.

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  1. I checked to see if this was listed (Or even something related) but couldnt find it, and the reason Im putting it here, is because I feel like I was able to do it prior to the update, and no longer can.

    Id like to change how many images are shown to me per page when viewing Albums.

    My own for instance has hundreds of pictures, (Im obsessed, leave me alone lol) and when trying to add a couple dozen per journal update, its really painstaking and long to do with with only 12 thumbnails viewable at a time. If theres some option to change it that ive missed, im really sorry for making this post, but I checked as best I could and couldnt find anything of the sort.


    PC, Windows 8.1 Chrome if it matters
  2. Also got a javascript error when I tried to change my album viewing order, by selecting the preset "By date (Showing newest first)" in the customization window.
  3. We can only allow specific uploads at the moment and Gallery is configured to display 15 items per page. At the moment there is no option by end users to inherit the displayed numbers.

    We'll check it for a future version.
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  4. We'll check this one , thanks for reporting.
  5. I double checked and didn't receive a js error when i changed sort order. Is it possibe for you to list your browser and the js error you receive.
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  6. Will do when I get home assuming I can replicate the situation again. there was just something else going on at the same time I wasn't thinking of at the moment. I'll try again and let you know in about 12 hours

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  7. Did you try again?
  8. I did and couldn't get it to reproduce, must have been a one off.

    Super sorry that I forgot to report back!!!

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