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    Haha, all the headshots look stoned except the mean looking fellow in the last one :/
    "firmly against the change in law." or some shit like that.
  2. these are the kinda articles i love reading for sure.
  3. the end is key is says there are 200,000 registered marijuana smokers out of a state that has well over 20 million people if im not mistaken probably more im takin a wild guess.. wasnt an arguement that legalizing medicinal use will lead to an uprise in marijuana smoking.. well 200,000 is like 1% of the states population
  4. I really appreciate advocates like you that are willing to read just about anything that is tied to the legality of marijuana. I dedicate my next bowl to you!
  5. One thing i always here thats wrong from the anit-marijuana crowd is that the use is gonna skyrocket and i dont think that will happen. Amsterdam lowered its percentage of users when it became marijuana tolerant, and the thing about the driving is bs, yeah lets worry about the small number of people out of the 1% in Cali that uses, and they make it seem like a big deal, like the roads were safe when there was only a huge number of drunk drivers all on the road. and the rise of health associated costs will go up? i dont think so, maybe because people will survive cancer instead of dying in the hospital maybe from that approach the cost will rise, and if this was true dont you think the medical lobbyists in washington want it to be legal to drive up profits if that were true? plus dont you think cannabis would be cheaper than chemotherapy?

  6. And if marijuana use increases dramatically and alcohol use decreases on the count of it - this is a net gain for the health of society.

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