Medal of Honor (2010)

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  1. Anyone play this game? I usually play MW2 but one of my buddies got me into MOH recently. When I got it I wasn't expecting to much since the reviews weren't all that positive but I am really impressed. I only play multiplayer but it is a good change of pace from MW2.

    I really like the combat missions a lot. They have some pretty intense moments and I like the distance without having to run to much or worry about to many vehicles like BC2. If anyone has this game and a ps3 add me and lets play sometime.

    PSN: thefink
  2. i got the beta(one multiplayer map) and didn't like it enough to buy it
  3. I prefer it over call of duty because it's slower, more realistic, and more strategic. But cod is nice as well for a fast paced slaughterfest.
  4. I think I like Battlefield BC2 a little more than MoH, but it's still a good game.
    I like all kinds of shooter games.
  5. got it for christmas. it's fun when i do well but extremely extremely frustrating when i don't. it takes hours to level up now so i stopped
  6. Online is not very good. Maps are terrible.

    The single player though is the best of any military shooters.
  7. my psn is primus95
    i love medal of honor, not many maps, but the gunplay feels great and the pacing is alot more easy going then call of dty.
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    Medal of Honor was a complete let down.

    I pre-ordered it expecting to be the next best tactical shooter out. But sadly it's not.
    It's nowhere near as good as Battlefield Bad Company 2 where EVERYONE knows how to play as a team and not run around getting lit up.

    The online game has so many flaws, the maps are terrible, and everyone is a sniper.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm never gonna compare this to Call of Duty because it's not in the same category.

    Call of Duty= Action First-person shooter

    MOH= Tactical Military Shooter.
  9. oh my god,i was thinking it was gonna be a good game,BUT i got it used and beat campaign(its good)but multiplayer BLOWS imo just get battlefield,same engine better graphics and vehicles.

  10. the campaign is worth the money.

    not everything revolves around MP
  11. Yeah, the campaign is entertaining, I will give you that.

    But who honestly goes and buys MOH and are like "I bought this for the campaign and not the multi player action"?

    No one.

    They bought it specifically for the multi player action and the campaign is just a bonus.
  12. I don't own the game, but I was just wondering.. did they even promote this game? I remember I was at Best Buy on it's release date and I was just like "what.. Medal of Honor..? When did this come out?" I went home and read reviews and it seemed as though it just wasn't advertised or popular in any sense.

    I just thought it was kind of odd to see a MOH game receive such little attention, especially an EA release.
  13. They promoted the shit out of that game.

    Especially the pre-order bonus with the M60.

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