med patient caught by the feds weird situation

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  1. i was just driving home from my family's pad. came to a border patrol checkpoint. they searched my car, found my bud, (less than an o). weird thing is they said that i won't have to go to court or pay a fine but told me i'm being charged with simple possession and will stay on my record. they didn't even give me a citation, but they did fingerprint me and take my picture and got my info. They had a little station on the side of the road next to their checkpoint. hm i wonder if i should believe the guy on not having to go to court. I told them I have a med card and they just laughed at me and said that shit doesn't work we're the feds lol. it sucked, i even had my weiner dog with me and they made her wait in a kennel.
  2. so why did they search your car? just curious
  3. they had dogs and they sniffed it out
  4. Sucks about your dog
  5. That had to be the northern border of US....I assume.
  6. nah southern california a lil east of san diego drivin on the 8 west
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    Wait.. you had your dog in the car? And then they used a drug dog to sniff your car, signal, and then they used that to search you?

    That's shady, and you shouldn't have let them search. Animals in your car WILL make drug dogs signal a find because that gets almost all dogs excited. It's a well documented problem. They shouldn't have used a dog if they were aware of another animal being in the car

    If you had known that and called them out, they'd probably feel either really stupid or turn into dicks. But you'd be in the right and could continue to say no
  8. I think all goes out the window when you start crossing borders.
  9. Except border patrol checkpoints as the one described are not on borders, simply on roads in close proximity to borders to make sure no illegal immigrants or drugs are being transported. I've gone through several in Southern California when hiking some desert trails.
  10. good news. i called the border patrol checkpoint and this nice chick picked up and reassured me that i won't have to go to court or pay a fine ect. she said pretty much that they just took my weed and let me go and that's it. i take this as a learning experience. before i drove around with 3 ounces on me going across california without a care in the world cuz i have my card with no clue that the border patrol can fuck with you if they want.
  11. state and federal laws are different, just cause the state of california allows you to use a med card and have legal weed, the feds dont.
  12. Your buds been smoked
  13. [quote name='"Thai"']Your buds been smoked[/quote]

    They're probably laughing it up over a nice once joint
  14. makes sense why he didn't get a ticket
  15. That's gotta be a small victory for medical marijuana in Cali. Maybe the feds are starting to come around...
  16. Doesn't matter, Feds have jurisdiction in cases like this.
    Medical Marijuana applies on local level, but anytime a fed wants to swoop in and be a dick they can.

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