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Med Marijuana license in MA?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by amazian, May 28, 2009.

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    Anyone know under what circumstances would I be able to obtain one? This would be soooo kewl.
  2. I'm pretty sure medical marijuana is not available in Massachusetts.
  3. They arent available, although marijuana is decriminalized now for under and ounce here. Just a misdemeanor with a fine off $100. I believe marijuana paraphonelia can get you in a good amount of trouble still. Correct me if im wrong on the last part a fellow masshole.
  4. I'm sorry to come down on you guys, but is it REALLY that hard to check the links in the stickies? Every day we see threads like this one, come on, do the smallest amount of research first.
  5. It's not a misdemeanor, it's a civil fine.

    As for the paraphernalia, its under the cops discretion. They usually don't bother.
  6. I'm in mass and I've never heard of anyone getting in anymore trouble for having paraphonelia although they will confiscate it. And dealing is still a larger crime. Just wondering, does anyone in mass actually know someone who got the $100 fine? Ever since they decriminalized it, I haven't heard of anyone getting busted. I'm sure there are some but I used to hear about people getting busted all the time.
  7. i know 1 kid that got busted and a couple friends of friends. my buddy had the cash to pay the $100 fine (ha shits nothing compared to what it used to be) but the killer is getting your bud taken away!!! ha dude had a quartter of dank he just picked up and it got nabbed in a parking lot i waS almost as pissed as he was,.

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