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Med Card Brings Helicopter Harassment

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dakilla187, Aug 10, 2012.

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    So you pay for the med card and you pay for visits by the helicopters. Seems like its better not to have signed up, that way they dont have ur name and address so they wont be buzzing over your dam house everyday.

    All I have is 3 small foot and a half mature plants, why the harrassment? Not to mention everytime I hear them I hide at least one or two of them, just because...In Hawaii its 3 mature(1 ounce per mature)and 4 veg plants.

    Are they taking pictures? Its embarassing to have neighbors see this and the anxiety of being watched
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    No u are paranoid. I got alot more plants and way bigger.
    Y would u put your real address Down for them
    To find u.
  3. Are you sure you're not just paranoid? Most helicopters aren't out to find pot growers. The only imaging helicopters do that I know of is FLIR imaging, basically high-res thermal images. If your grow room generates a lot of heat (lights do), maybe you should invest in a circulation system to pump it out your chimney (probably don't have those in Hawaii) or dryer chute...that will make it look less suspicious and more natural.

    Usually these helicopters are used to detect big grow operations in suburbs or cities. It's very uncommon though because this alone doesn't secure a search warrant, and helicopters are very expensive. It's much more common to use informants to get to growers.

    It's very unlikely they're flying helicopters over little old you daily trying to catch a few odd plants. If you're not growing more than 3 plants, and you're not selling your surplus illegally to informants, then you've got not much to hide from these helicopters.

    I know a lot of people who are concerned over the government's potential nefarious use of the medical marijuana database information, but I haven't seen any evidence that they're discriminating against patients or even legal caregivers (so they're either locking them up, or they're leaving them alone0. They go after big dispensaries for the money, and the IRS chases ones who don't pay taxes, but there are efforts to stop the feds from busting legal dispensaries.
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    You give them the address of the caretaker of course, im 100% certain its green harvest, and im 100% sure they are looking at my yard. I grow measly amounts that does not justify their flyovers.

    Those jackassses did a circle of my house this morning and I only had 2 plants in view.

    I can make eye contact with them if i wanted to

    Only assumption is other legal growers are abusing it and growing much more then the legal limit and getting caught placing others on a closer watch.
  5. BTW...I don't think feds are out there looking for 3 or 4 plant grows...calm down...if you have your California legal paperwork you have nothing to fear.
  6. Hmm, they are doing stuff to little guys in Hawaii. If your grow is outdoors, just be prepared with a camera and ask for a receipt. That will put those idiots in their place. I think if you make eye contact with them, it will also scare them away. Just make sure you're under the legal limit and on guard (I understand being on guard 24/7 is impossible, so don't try to overextend yourself). If you're doing that, I wouldn't let them get to you too much, they're just losers.

  7. I don't know what the laws are like in other states but the grow address is required in Oregon. My patient wrote the house.number wrong on the paperwork and I got a friendly visit by the local police, about 5 of them and 3 were wearing vest and carrying AR-15s... Luckily I have a camera system all around my house. This made the police unbelieveably nice! It made them act as if laws actually apply to them, LOL. I denied their "show and tell" request and they actually didn't threaten me. I told the address issue would be fixed that Monday. Haven't seen them again in over a year.
  8. In Cali the grower just needs a copy posted of the script of the person he is growing for. So 2 scripts 12 flowering plants. So out here all they do is hover over your spot. Count the plants count the number of scripts posted and as long as u are under your limits u wont see them till next season.
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    ya...have your California paperwork will really help you in Hawaii... :rolleyes:
  10. Seems like a waste of money if this is really going on.

    Some bullshit if you ask me, wtf!

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