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  1. What else is new right? Currently I am fucking livid as I took my car into a Midas to have it checked out because it has been running kind of funny for a while. They ran a diagnostic check and figured out a part needed replaced. They went ahead and did that and everything together cost me about 400 bucks. The day after the car was running worse, it was stalling out and shit but I got a fuel system cleaning so the guy told me to drive it for 50 miles and take it back. Today I take it back only to sit there for almost 3 hours while they all tried to figure out why the part kept going bad. They kept replacing the part over and over again while not knowing why it kept going bad. The guy finally ends up telling me they don't know why it's going bad and to further dig deeper and take apart everything it will cost me a shit ton of money.. What about the 400 bucks I paid you guys before? the fuck? So I asked him if I could get any sort of refund seeing as how I paid them 400 dollars and my car is running WORSE than before and he said nope. I am fucking pissed and totally convinced no mechanic knows what the fuck he is doing anymore. I trust no shops whatsoever. Is there any way I could write to corporate and they will do something? Or am I just wasting my time here.. typical auto shop fucking ripoff.

  2. That sucks man that's why I never trust mechanics. Try and take it to a different place and see if they can figure out the problem and tell them what the people at midas did to your car and ask the new place to see if midas really did fix it or not. If they didn't then you can get a statement from the new place mechanic and take it back to midas and tell them to either give you a refund or you will sue them cause the other place found out that they screwed with your car more. 
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    You're paying for the time spent on your car not the part. What did they replace?
    Next time find a Mom & pop's shop...Midas? who even goes there........ :D
  4. Do it yourself or go somewhere better. It's only your fault for not spending your money wisely. Lesson learned though. My friend tried having pepboys align his mercedes and they fucked it up even more than it was. Mercedes did the same thing properly for like 2/3 of the price
  5. Sucks to hear. Take it to a trusted mechanic. Ask friends or fam who they go to and trust.
  6. idk I've never had a problem with shit like this, half my family is mechanics and I'm from a place where there's auto shops on every block.
    take your shit to a locally owned business who takes pride in how they treat their customers and they'll look out for you.  might be a little more expensive up front if it's a locally owned place but you'll get taken care of.
    and that is pretty shitty what midas did.  I'm pretty sure there's ways you could get your money back.  I'm not sure specifically who you call, but I'm sure there's some type of organization (or even their corporate office) that would hold them accountable.
    plus if you never signed a document stating that you wanted them to work on your car and you authorized it (you said they just went ahead and did it), you don't have to pay them shit.  especially since they only made it worse.
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  8. Midias mechanics are like the donut lady at Walmart vs the local donut shop guy
    The lady at walmart doesn't care about her job, half asses it, and has no interest in the growth of her employer
    The local donut shop guy is friendly, always try to have what you want if your a regular,will go the extra mile, makes a good product and HAS an interest in HIS business growing

    Listen to everyone, I would go to a local guy...look himup on gogle or something

    But I think it is something simple and easy to fix. Maybe the computer needs to be reset or something.
    Gogle what your problem is and I am sure someone else on one of those mechanic forums had the same problem as before
    lol...took mercedes to pepboys   lol
  10. lol fuckers working at midas aren't mechanics.
  11. Sadly lots of my friends have had the same shit happen I'm glad to have some badass redneck mechanic for one of my good friends does shit just with a charge of a smoke out lol

    the real super sand
  12. You could try to find a forum that talks about your make and model of your car and throw up a post describing your problem and see if someone can tell you how to fix it yourself then go and fix it. I almost always buy a Hayes or Chilton manual and fix most stuff wrong with my car. Heck my water pump went out on my Denali this summer and the shop wanted like $800 to fix it I bought all the parts including hoses,belts, fluids and other crap for like $250. Took me about two hours to fix it would have been quicker but I started drinking Jack and Coke half way through .
  13. thanks for the tips guys, I only took it to Midas because it was closest to get my piece of shit car to.. I've taken my car to several mom and pop local shops and multiple big companies like midas, firestone. They have all ripped me off in some way. I can't trust any of them. Maybe I should learn to be a mechanic and do this shit myself. The only person I know who can work on a car is my stepdad who lives 3+ hours away. I can ask around though. I'm thinking maybe it's just time for a new car
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    LOL  :laughing:  that's fucking great i wish i could 'pay' people that way , more fun than lame cash lol
  15. Yea mechanic s are just like car salesman. I just spent 900 cash over the past month on shit that didnt need to be replaced.

    I was about to replace the whole brake system because it didnt improve after I put on brand new rotars and pads. Turns out it was a 3 dollar brake line... 3 < 200
  16. I live by two rules never let another man touch your woman or your car.
  17. Never trust a mechanic. Unless he is your friend, in which case, always trust him.
  18. A baseball bat and a ride.
  19. for one thing we all need to be checking BBB ratings and of course if a shop has isnt even listed, then stay away.  Considering you sat there for hours and hours, you might also consider demanding that they let you watch (in a similar situation).   You should be able to stand by the dock door and watch everything theyre fucking doing back there. Ive done it before with oil changes the guys didnt seem to mind, of course some places have pits and not lifts, so you cant see what is actually happening under there.  But it still helps to establish your presence, and if they refuse... you say ok thanks bye
    Even if they werent trying to scam you, they are surely a bunch of half-capable half-assers who suck at what they do, but dont care about that or you. Total scam though.
  20. What he said. I go to my old mans friend he bowled with or some shit back in the day. I trust him a lot more than some random at a chain car repair place.

    I bought new tires from Monroe like 2 years ago and they were pro rated at 40,000 miles. Got about half of that out of them and they were pretty bald.

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