Meat Packing Lies: Exposing The Fiction Of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

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    I didn't say I was upset. I'm sorry that you've chosen to assume what my emotions are. Besides...

    Nope. Logic and science does not tell us that.
    Awesome. So your argument is that because an institution helps to create more people than it helps murder, that makes it OK. Am I understanding it correctly or were you just telling me all this bullshit for fun? :laughing: What's the conclusion you're drawing from this false premise?
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    States make our lives better rather than worse. That's the point.

    Where you from, boy? You from somewhere where you and your family grub around and "live off the land" with "no boundaries?" You shit in holes you dig in the ground then make camp somewhere else when your previous site is soiled? Or do you happen to know a friendly tribe down the way that supplies you with your corn and furs?

    Let me tell you somethin... Everything you have... the device you use to even visit this forum, all because of states buddy. Because of the geniuses that have created them, but also of the states and societies that have preserved them, and made them available to you.

    States, like many other things in life, do bad things and piss us off but we need them. There are many adults like you, and they are still children because they rebel against their state like a child does his/her parents. I'm only for rebelling against a state when you're in the year 1776, or when you live in some fuckin dictatorship or war-torn place where they hang you for practically nothing. With no rights, or a bad horrible quality of it.
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    And yeah? "Nope. Logic and science wont tell us that"? Its funny because you don't have an answer. W/e you're just in my way, in the way of people like me. You never read the writings of, or just plain don't care about, (you probably don't. if you were my son I'd probably beat you) James Madison.

    I'm pretty sure that the alliances of tribes which existed before states, developed into states. Yep, actually the science of Anthropology does tell us that.
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    James. If you have the time, napolitanos new book "theodore and woodrow" explains the birth of the FDA through the early progressives. The "pure food and drug act" of theodores time was the base of the fda. This is at the same time govt started manipulating the people by saying govt agencies are more effecient and started the creation of excess agencies. All before 1920

    And wow, jaybird. Lol, you "love" the you're just trumpeting crap. You're the kind of guy who doesn't even know answers to his questions. Like GOVT and internet. You make absurd projections like we would be a wasteland without our "government or state". Oh, the fallacies ring throughout these halls. You enjoy giving rosy little 3 paragraph answers about "fantastical" state achievements and text-book responses. Lulllllllllllllllll
  5. @jay-bird

    The state is not real. People are real. The state is simply people who threaten with and use violence to get what they want...what reasonable people call crime. You are basically saying that without crime, society would be rolling around in filth.

    'The state' did not discover agricultural. 'The state' did not discover animal husbandry. 'The state' did not discover electricity. 'The state' did not invent the lightbulb, refrigeration, cars, planes, combustion engines, (I think you get the point). People did all those things.
  6. Maybe for those who don't have a sense of personal responsibility and leach off of it. The State is directly responsible for my family going Bankrupt in the 90s do to Industry getting shipped over seas do to trade agreements. With no State there would be no trade agreements. Also can you say the State has made the lives of those who now reside in prison for non violent victimless crimes better? What about the people who have been kidnapped(rendition) and now are tortured(enhanced interrogation). The State effects all who live with in it whether they realize it or not. Do you have a full time job? If yes you are a slave 10 out of your 40 hours per week or 3 out of 12 months. Next week just think 10 hours you work are going toward bombing dark skinned people you have never met. The State can't give you anything it didn't take from someone else.
  7. The listed genre of the book is fiction.
  8. It is a fictional book that was used as propaganda to get the FDA created.
  9. I may be simple, but I just wish that everyone within 1000 miles of each other could define their own laws.. support themselves without outside help.. have government SOLELY for protection against threats across a larger scale to minimize costs across the consumer base... and travel would be solely to experience new cultures; whether permanently or for a fixed time.

    Maybe governments don't know how to handle the rise in technology, and what we're experiencing is their well-intentioned response to everything.


    Maybe I'm just a simple man willing to forgo ridiculous luxuries.
  10. So the average city dweller needs to go catch squirrels?
    neighbors dog?

    Very naive view point, based on how our food supply works and the number of citizens we feed daily.

  11. Thats not what he's saying at all, he is saying be educated about your food choices reasearch what is put into your food, reasearch the companies you buy from, be an educated consumer.

    Wow your really looking for a fight today aren't ya?

    Well I've got to go to work, so maybe somebody will oblige.

  12. WHA!!??!? :smoking:
  13. Is this you mellowing out, because that would be grand.
  14. I'm confused. What's the point?
  15. Well now I'm up fired up, Len. You're a real piece of work. Fuck.
  16. How so.... I'm very mellowed out most of the time, unless I am watching a Knicks game.
  17. [quote name='"jay-bird"']

    Sorry that this upsets you.

    Logic and science will tell us that without states there wouldn't have been surpluses of populations in the first place, only fractions of them going to war, prison, or getting killed. There are still more people alive on the earth today as a result of the processes and thereafter effects of states, than have ever died as a result of states. States have not killed more people than they foster. Show me, list one state that has killed more lives and destroyed more property than it has fostered lives and property.

    States kill a lot of people, they also MAKE multitudes more.


    Lmao this is why statism is a religion folks.....

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