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Meat Packing Lies: Exposing The Fiction Of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Meat Packing Lies: Exposing The Fiction Of Upton Sinclair

    Read it and weep everything you were taught in your state run public school was a lie.
  2. Holy fucking shit dude.... I'm baked as fuck and that's trippy.
  3. and...?

  4. :confused: I'm not exactly sure what you want from me? :confused:
  5. Or it was so I don't fucking die of some infectious disease when I enjoy my delicious Filet Mignon

  6. Do infectious diseases cease exist because the FDA or USDA? Nope. If you took the time to find the source of your food rather than rely on some government agency because you're too lazy to do it yourself, I'd be willing to bet that you would have better results.

    Trader Joe's Announces Nearly 5,000-Pound Recall Of 'Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice' Over Listeria Risk
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    Nice read, James. With a head that is seemingly on straight, one may wonder what your supreme goal is other than to hate on and call out states and countries? You are a great whistle-blower and muckraker yourself. You call out all flaws, hypocrisies, and generally inefficient fuckups of any state you please... But seem to not care about the reality that has made these situations exist in the first place.

    For example, your "america is a nation of Cowards" thread personally upset me, but than again half of us ARE cowards.. just not for the reasons that you posted. A lot of people would agree with me that the Patriot act and NDAA haven't affected their lives negatively at all. In fact, we wouldn't have even known had anyone not have brought them up. I wonder how you feel about cops being allowed to check for legal citizenship status regarding potential suspects in Arizona.

    Are you for the progression and integrity of the state, or the disassembling of it? I see no sense of righteousness within you... No real frustrated individual who wants to correct what he sees that upsets him... just someone who knows its real easy to look like a smart prophet when you start calling out our governments for their bullshit.

  8. Honestly man, I just have way to much time on my hands lately. Usually I'm working full time and going to school full time. College is out right now and my hours have been cut at work, due to tax increases and obamacare like many other Americans. I do not think of myself as "prophet" or political leader, nor do I consider myself some super intelligent guy. In fact all I do is spend way too much time surfing the internet, I find interesting articles and I post them on grasscity and sometimes I provide a little commentary that really is pretty standard libertarian fare. Literally anyone could do what I do.
    If anything I am kind of embarrassed at how much time I've been spending on the computer lately, I really need to turn off the computer and go outside more I know my dogs would appreciate it. :D

    And yes I am for the gradual dismantling of the state. I would like us to restore the republic first with someone like Ron Paul and then gradually, possibly over generations accept the non aggression principle as a society and finally become stateless altogether.
  9. Thats quite alright. I have the honestly unfortunate position of being able to sit on the computer at work, so not only do I surf the net while working but then I come home and do the same, so it's probably at least 12 hours, which can't be healthy.

    Getting out more isn't an option right now.
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    You have more potential than that. Your apparent intelligence, going to waste on the dissemination of the state. The state births you. The state shapes you. The state is your elder, your guardian. Your nurturer. One could say that it is the people around you who take these roles... but in the end it is always the clusterfuck of structures and groups in the society, which are protected by the state, that shape you.

    Society lives on and prospers because of an orderly state... if not because of an orderly state; a compassionate tribal blood bond of unity and harmony... which is barely likely anymore. Face it James. The life of the state is the only one you've ever had, the only one you've ever truly known. Straying from the path of it rather than perfecting it, your life will eventually end just the same. However, it will likely end sooner, with less chance for lasting positive legacy.

    The guidance of an honest state, can foster the bonds of harmony you wish to see in its own honest people. It makes human beings step beyond the limits of the old, tribalistic, hunter-gathering world. States allow humans to impact the world and connect with things, beyond the grasp that they initially thought they had. States allow human beings to accomplish great things under great leadership. Great leadership may forge great alliance and prosperity, or great wars.
  11. If you care about the truth:
    Non-tariff barriers to trade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    @General thread
    While reading the OP I immediately thought of learning about non-tariff barriers in an international politics class back in the day. Tariffs were basically accepted as being counter-productive for all parties involved. But you know politicians and cronies...that wasn't going to stop them.

    The worst part about non-tariff barriers is they are difficult to identify. It could be one line of regulation in a 500 pg bill/law or even made by 'bought and paid for' bureaucrats in a regulatory agency most people haven't even heard of.
  12. What honest and untribalistic state do you speak of? States are merely a new name/form of tribalism. Arbitrarily drawn lines that say you live here and I live there only create unneeded opposition that usually results in dislike or even hate. States don't create any new or useful connectivity with the world; new technology like the internet allows for new forms of enlightening contact and associations. Even if the state did have lofty goals they only achieve any action whether it be good or bad through force, and force is something all humans should reject as wholesome or necessary. Anyway, have you seen what are orderly and harmonious state has done to the peoples described as Vietnamese, Cambodians, Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, etc?
  13. Nice propaganda. For those of us who live in reality and not within some delusion, the state is a violent institution that sanctions the murder and imprisonment of tens of thousands of innocent people every year.

    [ame=]The State as Family - YouTube[/ame]
  14. 1 - Wrong. People do that themselves anyway.

    2 - Things like the internet could have only possibly been researched and created through the social, economic and professional structures that states foster.

    3 - BTW the states you listed are corrupt and backwards because the people are. The state is reflected by the people.
  15. Governments are people, so sure. Governments create borders. Property lines aren't comparable to borders since governments don't own all the land within their rule.

    You have no idea what would've occurred without a state, so to say that it would be impossible is ridiculous.
  16. Video is now officially invalid because we have realized once again that everything your video says big bad governments do, badass people fucking do all the time anyway. We'd all still be living in a wasteland if it wasn't for states.
  17. Officially? :laughing:

    The "states" literally sanction the murder and imprisonment of tens of thousands of people every year. The "states" literally foster death and destruction. :wave:
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    Sorry that this upsets you.

    Logic and science will tell us that without states there wouldn't have been surpluses of populations in the first place, only fractions of them going to war, prison, or getting killed. There are still more people alive on the earth today as a result of the processes and thereafter effects of states, than have ever died as a result of states. States have not killed more people than they foster. Show me, list one state that has killed more lives and destroyed more property than it has fostered lives and property.

    States kill a lot of people, they also MAKE multitudes more.

  19. Wasn't the Jungle fiction to begin with? Pretty sure he just wanted to show what life was like for an immigrant - and it's true that immigrants at the time worked in very poor conditions.

  20. Wha?

    Yeah it may have described immigrants but how is that fiction?

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