Meat/fish - good or bad?

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  1. Meat is part of a healthy human diet. As are vegetables, and fruits.
  2. i diddnt read any further than the first post, but i assume that the girl with the beans in her avatar picture is just a vegan giving you her extreme biased views.

    if you want to know if something is healthy or not, think back to caveman times. what the fuck where they eating. it wasnt pop tarts. it was meat and fish (when the could find it), and vegetables when meat was scarce. which mean that poptarts are bad for you and meat and fish are good. bananas are good for you, banana pudding probably is not:D.

    also i read some bullshit on how meat has bacteria resistant something in it. fuck that. when you cook the meat it kills any bacteria. if you want to worry about anything, worry about how the animal was raised and what kind of hormones were pumped into the cow.
  3. Meat is great. nuff said
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    Watch movies "Eating" and "Forks over knives" (can purchase both from Amazon) and you will get your answers. For those who just post their unsupported statements about dietary "facts", cavemen's eating habits, etc- watch those movies also before 'expertly' answering a serious question.
  5. Meat/fish in moderation are part of a balanced diet.
  6. Eskimos who eat absolutely nothing but fish and whale blubber forbheir entire lives are the healthiest and.longest living people on earth.

    It not because of Eskimo genetics. That was disproven when Eskimos who moves to civilization were studdied.

    Fish is the best thing you can eat
  7. Fixed for you.

    Now, time to find that fish without mercury at your local grocery store.

    But seriously, yes clean fish would be the best source of food that a primate can eat.
  8. Eskimos don't get mercury poison as far as I know.

    Also the lower on the food chain the better.

    Sharks and swordfish for example have the most mercury
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    Eskimos don't get their fish from grocery stores.

  10. I agree with most of yourposts but I have to interject.on the mercury.

    Mercury is natural and no.caused by humans. It washes out of rocks into the ocean.

    All.wild.caught fish have mercury.
  11. There's nothing unhealthy about eating fresh, naturally raised, humanely killed animal flesh and organs.

  12. not to mention amalgam fillings...

    [ame=]Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas - YouTube[/ame]
  13. Of course mercury is naturally present on the earth, how else would we be able to release so much of it from our coal power plants and what not? However we have dumped enough mercury out in the environment to where the levels of mercury in the natural habitat exceeds the natural levels. Our body can and does dispose of mercury, however it can only get rid of so much of it.

    Nonetheless I am curious on why more than 15% of our nation's children have higher than safe amounts of mercury within their bodies, which is extremely detrimental to our brains; but especially so for a developing brain. You can try and make the argument that they live in a close proximity within a coal power plant or that farms nearby a plant absorb some of the mercury dumped out - but that's awfully hard to argue for seeing how the levels of mercury in seafood are gradually rising and at some locations are at levels to where it's advised to completely avoid consuming any form of seafood. There are plenty of cases where people check themselves into hospitals for mercury poising from a direct cause of excessive consumption of mercury infested seafood.

    But I do agree that wild caught fish will have less mercury than farm-raised, especially if the fish are caught further up north and as far away as possible from human civilization. I'm sure there are some Alaskans that can catch and eat fish everyday and stay completely healthy; but how reasonable is it for a typical continental American or European to be able to afford and acquire relatively clean fish on a regular basis? And then seeing how it had to travel thousands of miles to get there, how fresh can that fish be? Has it been dosed with preservatives or coloring?

    Despite my views on the health concerns regarding seafood, I do believe that there is a possibility we evolved mentally as fast as we did compared to our primate relatives mainly because we ate fish. I know the extraordinary health benefits from consuming clean fish, but seeing how I live next to the Gulf of Mexico, I just stick to consuming 'therapeutic' doses of fish oil that's been purified from all toxins.
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  15. too me anything not meat tastes the same(i dont really like it, but ill eat it because im supposed to lol). saying that i eat a meat 2/6 meals i eat.

    meats mad tasty, chicken and steaks are were its at. turkey is ok. I dont eat fish though.

    but if you can get through life without eating meats, good for you. personally i would not be able to/want to. im happy as i am, we will die anyways, even if we eat the most natural healthy stuff possible.

    as long as you arent one of the vegans that try to yell at everyone that eats meat i accept you in society. lol

    also my family been eating all grass fed beef, and non-caged chicken from local farms for a while now, shits clean as can be.
  16. There is organic meat you know
  17. ^^ this poster is right. I actually was working on a project with the Department of Water Resources (DWR) about the mercury levels in water around the Sacramento and Yolo county, because of the way people have treated the land. It was sickening how much mercury was found. But they're doing their best now to fix it.

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