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  1. Ookay kinda got a stupid question but its also a good question in a way… I have 40 grams from a small plant that ive had on my deck… a friend calls me up says he needs 35 grams… I usually sell in pounds so I only have a scale that measures in pounds.??? I think If I would put 35 grams on a LBS scale it would come out to like .076 or sumthing??? Anyone know what there doing and can help me out??? help?
  2. according to my metric conversion charts 28.350 grams equals 1 ounce. 16 ounces per pound.

    So figure it out from there. ;)

    in simple math terms , I get 35 grams of anything will weigh exactly 0.077160493 pounds
  3. Poppas figures are spot-on . I suggest you use a calculator, and do the weighing-up before you get the pipe going.
  4. so how do you know you have 40 grams?
  5. last avg of my plants was 40.4 grams so im guessing its around taht same type and same height... owell i dont care if i givem a lil xtra peace thanks for the help

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