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Measuring with fingers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by airplane, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Has anyone heard of using a standard ziplock bag and your fingers to roughly measure weed? Something like you spread it evenly across the width of the baggie. One finger width in height* is 1/8th, two is a 1/4, and 4 fingers high is a half?

    Has anyone heard of this? I've tried it a few times and it SEEMS accurate...

    *hold your bag up, arrange your fingers horizontally
  2. At first glance, it seems like you are right. However, everyone has different finger size. everyone. So this really isnt a good way to accurately measure. In fact, id imagine it be easier to just judge with your eyes and hands. really feel the bag, to see its weight.;)
  3. When I was in Jr high & high school (late 70's-early 80's) that's how we would spilt bags up 1/8= 1- 1.5 fingers, 1/4= 2- 2.5 fingers, 1/2= 3 fingers, oz= 3.5-4 fingers
  4. wait but wouldnt the fluffiness/density of the bud play a huge role here
  5. good question.:confused:
  6. If I ever had to resort to this I would squeeze the buds to see how dense they are theres that point where you're just like "im prob at about there give or take a bowl" when its like that it doesnt matter much to me.

  7. Well, yes it should but back around 1979-1980 & being in the 10th grade we didn't get that techincal passing to each other in the hallway or behind the bleachers.I mainly used that scale to spilt a bag between 2 friends
    BOOOYA, my 100th post
  8. i think you mean an oz. was 5+ fingers ;)
  9. Unless you like light bags buy a scale. Sure you'll luck out and get extra weed sometimes but usually you'll just get screwed measuring like that.
  10. I've seen ounces that look like halfs and and halfs that look like ounces, the finger method will never be as accurate as you'd like it to be.
  11. on top of what everyone else is saying ive gotten rock nugs the size of one digit.. that weighed up to be 2 grams +
  12. it's obviously not an accurate way to measure.

    however, in the absence of any other way, and combined with common sense and eyeball/feeling for weight and density, i think this can pass as a rough indicator.

  13. Thats why its "rough".. I mean its common sense.. If you have bud that doesn't measure up with your fingers (to the amount it should be) You can touch it to see how dense it is and see if it measures up. So if it doesn't look like its quite enough but its very dense then you can guess its prolly about right..
  14. After awhile you can eye it up and roughly tell how much it is. The finger thing wouldnt really work, what if you got some dense bud? =P Peace
  15. Omg yes! Thank you!
    It was so nice and easy.
    I feel so old saying that these people will just never understand......
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  16. Btw i was in high school in the 90's and we did it that way too
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  17. OP is 10 years old lol do people really still do it that way?? I'd personally just buy a scale they cost like £5 on Amazon lol
  18. We didnt have Amazon. And do they sale scales to minors from 4 cities over?

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