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Measuring weed in milligrams???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cheeto Jones, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. I have a friend who is adamant on measuring small amounts of weed in milligrams. An example is he will say, "I'm going to put like 750 milligrams in this blunt". He says that it's the proper and scientific way to refer to amounts under a gram... I told him that's completely idiotic and not a real thing. He is a very serious guy and he says these things like they are accepted facts. He will refer to a gram and a half as "Fifteen-hundred milligrams".

    The most ridiculous case of this is when we were smoking a pipe last week. He went out of his way to say "okay I think maybe 350 milligrams would be okay for this sessions". Then after packing it he said "Eh, this is a little closer to 380 milligrams but that's okay".

    wtf??? Has ANYONE ever heard anyone doing this???
  2. Drives me crazy, only people I know who do it have the habit from doing sketchy shit.
  3. Sounds like a tool trying to sound cool and smart.
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  4. Does your friend have a scale, and weighs it out?
    If so, he's way too anal and needs to loosen up.
    If not, he's just trying to look smarter than he
    actually is.

    I mean, I have a scale and weigh out how much
    ABV I put in my edibles, but that's just to satisfy
    my curiosity; not because I'm precisely measuring
    what dosage I want.
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  5. It's odd but it's not like he's wrong. 1 gram equals 1000 milligrams so it makes sense to refer to anything under a gram as a milligram. You could even do decigram.

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  6. Yes it's a measurement that can be used. Nobody does in terms of cannabis flowers.

    If you were talking concentrates then sure it could be worth using.

    Find me a dealer that sells 642 milligrams of bud.

    Also it takes longer to say in conversation. Writing a recipe and by all means use the correct unit.
  7. He is technically wrong every time to one digit beyond his guesstimating because 3 digits beyond the decimal requires precision his brain evidently doesn't have. Or he failed chemistry. Sig figs man, Sig figs.
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  8. are his scales accurate to the mg? (and ideally one place beyond that so you know wether your rounding up or down)
    Whilst 1.5g is 1500mg I wouldnt refer to it as such unless I had scales to know it was 1500 not 1501 or 1499- my scales go the the 100th of a gram, id happily call anything between 1.45 and 1.55 as being ~1.5g because your going to 1 decimal place.
    Its one of the cases of actually reducing how accurate your being by trying to use a smaller inappropriate unit.
  9. Somebody definitely needs to pull the stick out of that guys butt.

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  10. Start replying to him in your best rainman impression. Definitely 750 milligrams that's point 75 grams definitely point 75.....
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  11. Well actually he's measuring the Milligrams wrong. For example, if I have a gram of weed that I bought from the dispensary and they had it tested at lets say, 24% THC in the weed. So that means if you get a gram of it, and you smoke the whole gram, give or take you smoked about 240MG of THC.
  12. i mean its strange but hes not wrong unless he's just eyeballing it
  13. Aaahah AP chemistry flashbacks
  14. First, your friend is correct. When dealing with measurements and what not, in a scientific environment, saying 280mg, 1500mg, etc is correct.

    Second, your friend should know (as it sounds like he's been told) people do not use that method when talking about weed. With weed, g is kind of the lowest common denominator. You don't buy 500mg of weed. The only time mg should be discussed is when talking about the amount of THC in an edible. We do this so as not to be confused. Just like if I made a weed infused coconut oil, calling it an oil is technically okay, but everyone still calls it a butter so as not to confuse it with a concentrate oil.

    Third, because your friend continues to use the mg thing, he's an idiot. I'd ignore it or ignore him, whichever works out

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