Meanwell Drivers Hlg series vs Elg series

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  1. Can someone enlighten me on the difference in these two lines?
    I've read alot , the only thing I see is the Elg is $10 cheaper and has a 5 year warranty where the Hlg has a 7 year. All the other numbers seem to match . Is this just a lesser product line?
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  3. Yea that's what I was thinking. Price difference is probably just for warranty. Much rather pay the extra $10 for 2 more years
  4. seriously, why?
    generally, with electronics if it works out of the box it usually is fine and works, especially with items like this. The HLG series used to be 5 years also but failure rate was so low they upped the warranty period so this 5-year on the ELG is actually generally their standard warranty anyway.
    regardless, if you are using LED lights than with the rapid introduction of new models, updated technology, etc are you really going to be overall concerned about this one driver in 5 years.. or is it probably relegated by than to a simply vegging tent use or even probably sitting in a closet with the light boards you are (were) using with it collecting dust because you upgraded your lights (twice) in that 5 years already. :)
    oh, but Meanwell sure did appreciate your extra $10.00....

    edit: i'm actually looking to upgrade the lighting in my tent so now that I'm aware of what the ELG line is about I'm more than happy to see if it has drivers that will work for me. i'm thrilled to save 15%-20% per driver AND get upgraded dimming capabilities to boot
  5. Me to I'm ordering the 240-54a . My main concern was dimming, so this is perfect for me
    Also in the article you posted it says that the Elg actually has a lower rate of failure than the hlg.
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  6. The ELG series drivers are made on an automated assembly line.

    The HLG series is manufactured by hand.
  7. Spend $10 for HLG unless you're making like like a million DIY units in a huge room. Even still I might spend it.

    ELG has gotten popularity because of Chinese manufacturers because of the cost. It is my understanding the the ELG is 5 year warranty because of the stainless steel case and HLG is 7 year because of the aluminum case because case dissipates heat better and therefore makes components last longer inside.

    Biggest drawback is ELG data sheet if you scroll back to load vs temp and load vs voltage section it has a derating under I think 180VAC. Now chinese manufacturers have told me "oh no problem for output and 120V" but I don't know why Meanwell would take the time to document this and devalue their product for reduce 120V output unless it was really a thing. My guess would be cost savings in the circuit to be tuned better for 240V such as smaller transformers and cap ranges and metal cost of the case but otherwise same circuit.

    Also I think HLG might be 1% or 2% more efficient but that might be a heat dissipation thing.
  8. Did not know that, where/how'd you find that out?

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