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  1. I want one... I just don't know what to get...

    I don't like the whole Chinese symbol for strength and bullshit like that... no barbed wire for me either...

    I want something meaningful.... But i have no hardcore beliefs of values... (lol)

    I care about shit, but that stuff isn't worth getting permanently on me...

    No one's died that really meant a lot to me so the whole "R.I.P What'stheirface" thing doesn't suit me at all...

    I just know i want one...Something small... maybe 4 or so inches at the most...

    Any suggestions?

    P.S: No, i don't want a pot leaf anywhere on me :)
  2. I don't have any tats but I'd go for a quote which sums up you as a person, something which isn't instantly obvious to the "reader". Like "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." or "Knowledge is power."

    But hey, I'm stoned I don't know what fits YOUR body and YOUR taste :p
  3. I heard tribal designs are deep and meaningful:rolleyes:

    I kid, but for a meaningful tattoo, you should maybe go with a quote like piepgras suggested. Find your favorite musicians, artist, writer (either a personal quote, or something from their works), anybody, and go with whatever fits you as a person. My friend for example, got a small stanza from a Rumi poem tatted on her right side, and everybody loves it. I'm planning on writing a poem in Chinese to tat on my right arm as a half sleeve.

    Since you're a GrassCity member, but don't want to do a pot leaf, why not a Lion of Zion?
  4. ever consider animal of some kind? like a meanful animal to you?

    It wouldn't be original at all, then you'd probably regret it down the road. Get a tattoo that you created yourself.
  6. I totally undserstand where your coming from cause it took me a LONG time to decide what would really be meaningful to me and my life. And suddenly it hit me: a lotus flower! So know I have one on the back of my neck

    Think about it, look at some pics/quotes on the web. An awesome idea will hit you soon enough
  7. Everyone goes through the same "what do I "REALLY" want put on me. My first tattoo was a skull wearing a fedora because I really liked the latin phrase memento mori. It means "remember you must die" so it's really just a reminder to enjoy life and to live fully. To some it may seem lame but having my own reason adds to how much I enjoy it and it will do the same for you.

    Good luck on your search out there.

  8. I agree... but i'm also really indecisive. So i'm just browsing for ideas at the moment.
  9. As a tattoo artist, I can only tell you to think of something you want for yourself. Meaningful tattoos always lose meaning, which is why my favorites are the randoms. Anyway, if you're in the NY area hit me up. Like looking out for fellow stoners.
  10. god damn kid, beggers cant be choosers get a damn rainbow lol that doesnt qualify under any of those lol
  11. Dont ask other people for something that is meaningful to you, find that yourself.

  12. Yeah they can! It's just not very smart...

    And i was sorta asking what examples you guys would have of meaningful tattoos so maybe i can get a general idea.
  13. How can we tell you what is meaningful to you?
  14. Yeah man, the whole meaningful part will have to come from you.
    But as someone has suggested some text could be best for you now, if you don't have beleifs or anything as such.
    A saying or quote or such could suit you in the right script.

    And then you can ad to that with pictures relevent etc.
  15. maybe something for a family member or pet. Im going to be getting my tat soon my dogs pawprints I had him for 17 years he recently passed away but I had the vet stamp them now going ot get them on my ribs
  16. im getting my familys coat of arms/crest. always choose wisely ,ive far to many friends who regret getting stupid tattoos and are spending a fortune getting them removed!
  17. Im not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but a great idea for a meaningful tat is a family tree. works out to be pretty sweet in the end. and you could presumably add to it which is always fun.

    good luck on it though

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